Gen 3 Camaro gets a new look before touching down in Tasmania

New Look for Gen 3 Camaro before touching down in Tasmania

The new-look livery for the Gen 3 Camaro was unveiled in a testing session earlier this week at Queensland raceway.

However, fans will have to wait until Tasmania to get a closer look at the Chevrolet Racing Camaro, which is set to be on track for fans with not just a new livery but will also be the first chance to see the ZL1 with the fully manual gear change.

Brodie Kostecki was given a chance to conduct some testing in the Gen 3 Camaro at Queensland Raceway and praised the direction the vehicle was headed.

“I was a bit lost last time I was driving the Camaro, so it’s great that I’ve got something to grab onto while I’m driving around,” said Kostecki.

“It’s great to have the stick shift back in the car, that’s for sure.

“There’s been a few other changes as well within the engine, the driveability, and just having the stick shift in there as well throws a few spanners in the works, so it’s been really good so far.”

Anticipation continues to grow for the next generation of vehicles set to hit the track in 2023; the Gen 3 Camaro and Mustang will be on track when Supercars touches down in Tasmania for the NED Whisky, Tasmania Supersprint March 26-27.

Gen 3 Camaro gets a new look before touching down in Tasmania

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