George Calombaris just called Perth’s RQCC the Met Gala of Australia.

George Calombaris just called Perth’s RQCC the Met Gala of Australia.

It’s officially that time of year again when the country is served up a perfect recipe of fashion and food envy.
Fashion Week is just around the corner, and The Met Gala is sure to be filling our Instagram feeds any moment then throw in a dash of MasterChef which has just returned for the 11th season, and you have the perfect mix.

However, one event, in particular, has garnered some high praise indeed from the one and only George Calombaris.
Reportedly referring to Perth’s Queensbury Championship the Met Gala of Australia, while in WA filming the latest season of MasterChef with fellow judge Gary Mehigan.

The pair caught up and shared a steak or two with Perth Businessman Troy Barbagallo who is behind the RQCC event which is a must attend for any of WA’s fashion elite and fast becoming known for the red carpet looks not just the ringside entertainment.

We’ve also heard some news that the black-tie event may be destined for a Gold Coast appearance on the 2020 event calendar.

“RQCC in its 12th year is the most prominent black-tie charity event in WA, pitting local executives and personalities against each other in the boxing ring on an amazing stage worthy of a Vegas World Title. Fully sanctioned by Boxing Australia.
The east coast of Australia is screaming out for The Royal Queensbury, and “The Gold Coast will join Sydney and Melbourne hosting the event in 2020” says event director Troy Barbagallo.

“The red carpet fashion has almost taken over from the boxing as the main entertainment.”

If you would like some more information on The Royal Queensbury Championship ( RQCC ) visit pinktankevents.com.au

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