Get Creative – With Michael Greves


We propositioned our best and brightest photographers for the most creative photos and only one eligible man proved worthy of the challenge. Michael Greves local photographer, globe trotter and entrepreneur shows us his photographic and editing excellence with these photos that he says are “something else”.

Whilst working with Moda Creative, a DJ contested that he had never seen or heard of a photographer using night club laser lights in their photos. Michael accepted this challenge and began working to create a portfolio of pictures using laser lights.

“By blending layers, using hue alterations and a combination of blurring techniques, I was able to create these amazing photos” he said.

Knowing that GC Mag were searching for creative photos, Michael used it as motivation to produce these high quality images from his work with laser lights.

“Using a pitch black room, the models had to pose very still whilst I moved the laser light and used an open shutter on my camera” he said in triumph.

Michael cleverly used Brail in one image to spell out “painting with light” to compliment the model transfigured with laser lights.

“My photos are very freestyle and I went into it with the mindset of when I was back in college, where I would play around with a lot of different stuff and just shoot what I thought looked the best and what would be a little unique and cool.”