Get the Look – Gatsby Darling

Get the Look - Gatsby Darling

The big screen sensation that has been upon almost everyone’s lips is the epic, extravagant & flashy film ‘The Great Gatsby’. Now I am no film critic, but I must say I was among many to be a great fan of this film. The filmography was quite different to anything I have seen lately, which was very refreshing & brought something new to an old story.

The costume design was by Catherine Martin who has also styled films such as Moulin Rouge and Romeo & Juliet. The fashion featured within The Great Gatsby was in all forms glamorous; with the female characters costumes featuring elegant silhouettes of sequins, draping pearls, feather headpieces & anything else that screams the 1920’s glamour girl.

These styles have been brought back to life with a modern day twist with an array of labels & designers creating pieces inspired by an extravagant era. The women dressed in such a way back then as to not show too much skin, but still portray a sexy, glamorous woman.

The outfits for this article have been created as 1920’s inspired look’s based around ‘The Great Gatsby’ film for the modern day woman wanting to show a little old school flair.


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