Getting to Know Georgia


“The only way to set yourself apart from others is to be you.”

She’s a Melbourne based model, presenter, Miss Universe finalist and university student inspiring others through her success with mantras like these. Hailing from Perth, Georgia Gibbs is not only a talented multitasker but currently holds the title of Miss Tourism Australia.

Georgia entered Miss Universe in 2014 when she was eighteen, aspiring to be like idols Jennifer Hawkins and Scherri-Lee Biggs. She had always wanted to be a model, but soon developed a love for presenting. “This was when I realised competitions such as these (Miss Universe and Miss Tourism Australia) could contribute to doing both and tie in with my Journalism studies. There is nothing better than traveling around Australia and seeing our beautiful landscape, so Miss Tourism Australia is the perfect opportunity for me to showcase both my love of travel and presenting.”

“Australians I believe have a passion for travel and are often off exploring the world. I hear a lot of friends say “There is no place like Australia.” There truly isn’t. From the laid back beach culture of Perth (my home town) to the nightlife and brunch capital Melbourne, the bustling tourism sites and beautiful scenery of Sydney, the arts centre of Adelaide and everything else in between and far beyond. As a tourist there is so much diversity within Australia, something for everyone, not to mention the multicultural society I feel so blessed to be a part of.”

We had the chance to talk to Georgia about her love and passion for her work and her tips for maintaining a healthy body and mind.

I imagine you must have such a hectic schedule between working on shoots, attending events as Miss Tourism and working towards your double degree! Talk us through your typical day.

Life can get a little crazy from time to time but having a good routine gets me through!
Typically, I enjoy exercising in the morning. Pilates, walking or a gym session kick starts my day, along with a big breakfast, a healthy mindset is most important. Usually the middle of my day is filled with a mixture of work related tasks, study and those errands we all love, followed by Miss Tourism Australia events and duties representing Shearer Ugg Australia and Miss Tourism in the evening. My days certainly vary – I definitely do not live a nine to five lifestyle.

What keeps you motivated and on track to achieving your goals?

I am often preoccupied throughout the day and lose track of all that I need to juggle but I find my mind is clear once I have exercised. Not necessarily always high-intensity boxing or interval training but yoga, pilates and walking seem to always suffice. Also focusing on the bigger picture and the end result instead of getting encapsulated in every day activities.

What have been the greatest moments you’ve experienced as Miss Tourism Australia so far?

The greatest moment was representing our country in Malaysia over December. I was so proud to walk through Kuala Lumpur chatting to locals and hearing how much they love Australia or would love to visit, there seems to be a very welcoming vibe attached to Australia.

If you’re passionate about representing Australia on the world stage, applications for Miss Tourism Australia 2015 are now open. Georgia’s advice? “Be yourself, it is genuinely 100% what you are good at, don’t try too hard, don’t stress, don’t over think it. The only way to set yourself apart from others is to be you.” Visit to apply.