Gold Coast Beach Fashion Trends 2022: Autumn is Here

Gold Coast Beach Fashion Trends 2022: Autumn is Here

Unlike how cold it can get in some parts of the country during even the early autumn months, the Gold Coast’s autumn weather remains perfect for paying visits to the beach every year. With minimum temperatures seldom dipping below 22°C and the sun frequently turning up the heat to almost 26°C in March, autumn is most certainly beach season on the Gold Coast, Australia.

This has played a huge part in making Gold Coast beach fashion trends seamlessly fall in line with that of the West. As a result, it’s not surprising to see that the 2022 beach vogue on the Gold Coast Australia is in perfect sync with that that of the summer fashion trends seen across beaches in the United States. So, what’s in style for this year’s fashion at the beach? Let’s find out.

Tank Tops, Flip-Flops, and Baseball Caps

Popularized in California and loved by surfer dudes and babes all across the world, the classic combination of a light hued tank top, a pair of cotton shorts, a bright baseball hat, andthe iconic colorful flipflops have remained on trend forever. If you have long hair, beach waves or braids are the two best hairstyles to complete the look. Remember to match your flips-flops or espadrilles in shade with a Balmain cotton cap this year. This adds a hint of luxury to the casual beach outfit and some cotton baseball caps of the Balmain 2022 collection do come in a wide range of vibrant colors. On windy days, women can choose a pair of denim paddle pushers over the usual cotton shorts, while beanies are always an option for both men and women when the water feels too cold to step in and a bit more protection for the ears feels comfy.

Metallic Sunglasses and B Court Sneakers

With so much focus on the environment and the impact that plastic waste has had on sea life, is it any wonder that metal rims are making a solid comeback for men’s beach sunglasses in 2022? Take a look at this year’s Balmain Men’s Collection on SSENSE and you will find thatmetal framed, pentangular sunglasses from the luxury brand are bringing back gold and black with casual elegance to beachwear. Complete the look with swim shorts, a tank tee, and a pair of men’s B Court sneakers from Balmain. Being the leading brand in luxury online retail, SSENSE stocks the best and the latest from not just the house of Balmain, but other exclusive fashion brands as well. Feel free to browse a bit if something else catches your eye instead.

Contrast on the Beach?

Contrasting hues on the beach are generally not the best way to go about it when you are dressing for the beach and that holds true in 2022 as well. However, there are ways to do it right and not be too harsh with your selections. For example, coupling that see-through white crop top with a pair of bright green bikinis underneath does not create a harsh contrast; itcreates a muted accent in your layering choice instead. Men can pull off a similar feat withblack sneakers or espadrilles by contrasting them with bright hued swimming shorts. Once again, the contrast created is kept minimalistic, casual, and elegant.

Most importantly though, be sure to dress for the plan and the temperature of the day. If you don’t have plans to swim and the day is a bit on the cooler side, your options for sporting beach fashion trends will be wide

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