Gold Coast distillery’s Lamington Vodka limited release

Gold Coast distillery’s Lamington Vodka limited release

Local distillery Wildflower Gin has just revealed its first Vodka with a mouthwatering Lamington taste, this limited edition with only 200 bottles is sure to vanish fast.

Known for their unique gin and native botanicals, Wildflower is releasing its very first Vodka in time for the Australia Day weekend so that Aussies can enjoy their favourite cake on the rocks or in a cocktail.

Expertly crafted by blending the classic flavours of strawberry, cocoa, and coconut resulting in the ultimate Aussie drink suitable for any occasion.

Wildflower Gin Founder James Greig said he wanted to produce something that hasn’t been seen before, creating an ultra-Australian product using unique ingredients and a variety of local botanicals.

“We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Australia Day than with a Lamington, Australia’s national cake, so a Lamington flavour seemed obvious when we began developing our first vodka,” said Greig.

Wildflower Lamington Vodka features three main ingredients, distilled strawberries, cocoa and coconut, creating a deliciously smooth drink that is perfect by itself, with soda water or even mixed into your very own Aussie cocktail.”

Wildflower Lamington Vodka’s limited run is available now and with a highly exclusive release of only 200 bottles available to purchase online or at the Wildflower Gold Coast Distillery.

Gold Coast distillery’s Lamington Vodka limited release

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