Gold Coasters Revolutionising the almighty Aussie Thong


The last two weeks have been a whirlwind for a couple of Gold Coasters who have set to social media and crowd funding platforms with a bang on a course to revolutionise the flip flop , jandal , or as we call them the trusty plugger or thong.

The Team at Willi footwear generated more than $10,000 for their chic new range of flip flops, or as we like to call them here in Oz – thongs in just under an hour and having currently achieved a total of $30,000 they are still on the hunt for some support and for helping out you could be the first to be rocking this unique range.

Style and thongs are not oft associated but the Willi Footwear Company has developed a flip flop that is not only stylish, but will also put a stop to the dreaded thong ‘blow-out’.

Willi has been awarded several patents for its’ ‘interchangeable range’ that allows the wearer to customise the thong base with different coloured straps. The straps have been designed with boomerang-shaped plugs to minimise the chance of a blow-out.

With the option to change the strap colours to match your clothes or accessories, the interchangeable range is a stylish innovation on an iconic piece of essential summer footwear – the almighty thong.  There are four base and six strap colours including black, white, and the metallic range of red, blue, green and nude, allowing for 24 possible colour combinations

Managing Director and Founder of Willi Footwear, Brad Munro, says after a long and expensive process putting the intellectual property protection in place they are hoping the campaign will allow them to launch the product into the Australian and US markets.

“We are overwhelmed by the support so far, but there is a long road ahead and we’re focusing on reaching our funding goal.”

The future’s looking bright for Willi as it’s already taking enquiries from several overseas distributors, and brand ambassadors include beach-loving thong wearers such as 2013’s Cleo Bachelor of the year, lifeguard Trent ‘Maxi’ Maxwell from Bondi Rescue, and three-times Ironwoman champion, Courtney Hancock.

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