Grace Cobb – Fashion & Politics


From the tinseled world of fashion, to party policy and political warfare – if there’s a challenge, Grace Cobb is prepared to take it in her stride.

At only 25 years of age, Cobb has carved out a formidable career in Television and Communications – a feat matching those well beyond her years.

With a gusto for change and the finesse to match, the Gold Coast local has swapped glamour for government in her latest endeavor.

Joining the ranks of the 21st Century Australia Party, Grace will stand as a Federal Candidate this upcoming election, and has her sights firmly set on the Queensland Senate seat.

“I made the decision to run while I was in Melbourne covering the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival… I remember deciding I didn’t want to be a passive observer while others decided what would become of my generation.”

Though a far cry from the conventional beginnings of many parliamentarians, Cobb is part of a growing movement of Australian’s disillusioned with contemporary politics and party duopolies.

Founded by motivational speaker and entrepreneur Jamie McIntyre in March this year, Grace hopes the self-proclaimed ‘compassionate capitalist’ party will help reinvigorate disinterested voters.

“I don’t believe that young Australians are apathetic, I simply think that Australia’s Political landscape has been littered with Party infighting and Gender Wars.”

“Australian Politics has become about personality not policy, making it impossible for Australians to foster a genuine interest in either of the major parties.”

“I think the youth of Australia has been massively underestimated in the power they could have in influencing the outcome in the 2013 Federal Election.”

Though optimistic about the future, Grace maintains a sense of pragmatism foreign to many politicians.

With limited party exposure and political experience, Grace says she’s prepared to take the good with the bad.

“At first people thought it was ridiculous – I did it anyway. Launching a political party from scratch was never going to be easy – we knew that.”

“I don’t have all the answers – but I do understand what is really important to Queenslanders.”

Despite the challenges associated with an Independent party and the notoriously cutthroat arena of politics, Grace says she has been overwhelmed by the support she has received.
“I love the emails and Facebook messages that I get from people that I meet at events or while we are campaigning in towns.”

“On harder days, they remind me of why I am pursuing this.”

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