Hard FIZZ gets into the NFT market with new collaboration

Local Legends and hard seltzer brand Hard Fizz is stepping into the NFT Market, Set to release a new pirate-themed flavour, and limited edition can print to take advantage of the trend.

The collaboration with Sydney based Salty Pirate Crew and Marketing Agency No Standing is one of the first in the alcohol industry, Wade Tiller, CEO of Hard Fizz, said

It’s about setting sail into the so-called “metaverse” before a flotilla of other alcohol brands beats them to it.

“Hard seltzer itself is a bit of a trend in the beverage industry, so it’s in our DNA to jump on ideas and concepts before they go mainstream,” Tiller explains.

“The Salty Pirate Crew NFT project allows us to go hard at a market we genuinely think would enjoy Hard FIZZ – and it’s a bit of fun along the way.

“To be really clear, Hard FIZZ isn’t doing an NFT – at least not yet anyway.

“What we’re doing is partnering with a community that already numbers in excess of 5000, and that’s exciting.

“For us, as a brand, it’s about dipping our toes into the NFT water and bringing some exclusive, tangible elements to Salty Pirate Crew members – and the new flavour will be part of that.”

So stay tuned to Hard FIZZ for a limited range of beverage and their collaboration with Salty Pirate Crew.

Hard FIZZ gets into the NFT market with new collaboration

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