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How do I make my podcast popular?

How do I make my podcast popular?

The success of your podcast depends on how well you advertise and promote it. There are countless ways to advertise a podcast. While some may take a little more time and effort, others are simple.

Here we offer a range of various podcast marketing strategies so you can pick and choose what works best for you.

Send Your Show To As Many Podcast Aggregators And Directories As You Can

Make sure your podcast is visible everywhere that people listen to podcasts since this is one effortless technique to attract as many eyes as possible to your show.

Manually add the RSS feed for their show to as many podcast directories as possible.

Users search for, find and listen to podcasts using podcast aggregators and directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

To ensure that as many listeners as possible will see your show when they search for themes that interest them, publish your podcast RSS feed to as many podcast aggregators as possible.

Make The Most Of Youtube And Podcasting Platforms

Profiting from the popularity of video is a fantastic additional strategy for promoting your podcast. There are potentially a lot of listeners for your podcast among the more than two billion monthly users of YouTube.

Therefore, launching a podcast on YouTube is a wise move for expanding your audience. You can keep things essential if you’re starting by submitting a static graphic to go with your episode audio.

But to gain more listeners, think about investing in top-notch podcasting software that allows you to produce videos. This will prepare you for using a video podcasting format. An excellent example of a podcasting platform is Buzzsprout to promote episode interviews.

Buzzsprout offers many unique advantages compared to its competitors, like no long-term contracts, Unlimited podcast storage, Advanced podcasting statistics, Free importing for other podcast episodes you have from another website, etc. read here to know more about Buzzsprout and promo codes – discount offers.

How do I make my podcast popular?

Analyze Your Reporting Data

To find out what day and time receive the most downloads for your program, check the analytics page of your podcast host. Consider publishing your episodes on Monday mornings and skip publishing on Fridays and Saturdays if you receive more downloads on Mondays than on the weekends.

You can try experimenting if you’re starting and have a few downloads to evaluate. Feel free to start on Tuesday and Wednesday since those are the days when podcasts are most frequently published.

Spend Money On Podcast SEO

You must optimize your podcast for search results if you want people to listen. This calls for using search engine optimization (SEO) best practices for your website and the podcast.

Using focused keywords to ensure that your podcast appears when potential listeners conduct a topical search is one of the most crucial SEO fundamentals to apply for your podcast.

Invite Guests to Your Show And Be A Guest On Other Podcasts

Inviting guests to your program can benefit you by utilizing their existing viewership. Though highly famous people may have little reason to promote the episode, you may make it simple for your guest by giving them pre-written social media phrases and visuals.

The best audience to grow for your show is those who already consume podcasts. It’s a terrific approach to meet new people and establish new relationships to appear as a guest on other shows that cater to similar audiences.

Diversifying Your Format

Diversifying your content’s format and distribution channels should be part of your podcast promotion plan. By doing this, you can expose your brand to as many potential listeners and viewers as possible. Repurposing is another simple method for producing additional material without constantly starting from scratch.

When repurposing your content, take into account the following strategies:

  • Create blog entries from the audio of your podcasts by transcription. This is excellent for increasing SEO visibility and reaching new audiences.
  • Share brief snippets of your episodes on Soundcloud and Twitter.
  • Post a link to your podcast on any other resources, such as a website, newsletter, or blog.

Quality Content And Transcript

Any podcast marketing plan needs high-quality podcast content as its cornerstone. Gaining and keeping listeners will be made more accessible by producing quality content. This entails having captivating podcast guests, fascinating narratives, and high-quality audio production.

How do I make my podcast popular?

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