How To Settle Into Life In Singapore: A Guide For Aussie Expats

How To Settle Into Life In Singapore: A Guide For Aussie Expats

Leaving Australia and taking an eight-hour plane to go and live in Singapore is a big life decision. At first, you may find yourself missing your usual way of life and related home comforts, but soon enough, you can discover the fantastic, sumptuous food Singapore has to offer. Fortunately, many people will be in your position as a newcomer since Singapore has a sizeable growing expat community. To give you a hand, we’ve come up with this guide on how to settle into life in Singapore for Aussie expats.

Moving To Singapore With Family

Perhaps, like many other expats, you’ve chosen to move with your immediate family to Singapore. You will be pleased to learn that there’s a long list of exciting, prestigious expat community organisations in Singapore, from chambers of commerce to friendships and cultural exchange groups. 

At some point, you will, of course, have to consider where your kids will be educated. There are many fantastic expat international schools on the island. Often the curriculum in international schools in Singapore is taught in English. However, there are also places where it’s delivered to students in French, Japanese, German, etc. Multiculturalism and bilingualism are vital aspects of the Singaporean expat community in 2022. Variety is exciting and the spice of life. 

Sense Of Community

When moving somewhere new, it’s always nice to try and find ways to become a part of the community and joining things such as sports and community clubs is an excellent opportunity to meet people. The locals and expats in Singapore are hospitable and friendly, so you should fit in just fine in no time. These people are sure to be your support network, both in the immediate period and beyond. 

Find Somewhere Nice To Live

Finding a lovely home to live in is vital for any Australian moving to Singapore. If you’re moving with your family, try to consider their preferences. Think carefully about your budget as well as the sort of neighbourhood you want to live in. Do you want to be near the city centre and business district or a little further out? The most popular expat areas near the CBD include Robertson Quay, River Valley, Orchard, and Marina Bay. Do you particularly enjoy the privilege of having a sea view? Why not try buying a home in Singapore with a dazzling view of the bay area?

When buying somewhere in the Garden City, you must be able to get the best possible mortgage rates. Property Guru allows you to compare home loan rates in Singapore and guarantees that you will find the best rates.

Social Life and Entertainment

There are many fantastic expat social groups in Singapore where you can enjoy going out to bars, cafés, restaurants, or even nightclubs with fellow expats. Who knows, you may even get the opportunity to practice your language skills at some point with a native speaker from another country. Living abroad can be a fun experience where you are constantly learning more about different cultures and customs from the other side of the world. In addition, try and give people top tips on where to visit in Australia if you can. Cultural exchange is a beautiful, enriching thing. Do your bit by telling people where they ought to visit in your country. 

You may work hard, so it’s a pleasure to be able to let yourself relax now and then. Singapore has a booming nightlife that you could take full advantage of with your new expat buddies. International friendships can be valuable and sometimes end up lasting a lifetime. 

Embrace the Local Culture

Embracing the local culture doesn’t just mean visiting the busiest tourist attractions such as Gardens by the Bay, the Botanic Gardens, and the Singapore Zoo. On the contrary, to embrace the local culture properly, you must form bonds with locals and live the way they do. For instance, perhaps you may decide to embrace the local cuisine by trying some excellent Singapore-style noodles or seafood. 

Perhaps you will have colleagues at work who are from Singapore themselves. Why not try inviting them around your house for food one day or go out for a meal together? You can get to know them better and understand more about how day-to-day life in Singapore works. Ask interesting questions, such as what they do every year for the holidays? What are weddings in Singapore like? Don’t be ignorant. Instead, strive to be inquisitive and absorb as much information about the local Singaporean culture as possible. Embracing the local culture with both hands will help you a great deal in settling into your new life in Singapore after moving from Australia. People on the island are welcoming, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you make friends with locals and expats when living in Singapore.

So, these are a few tips on things Aussies can do to settle into life in Singapore. Yes, it’s different from home, but Singapore is a great bustling place to live in 2022, and you have the benefit of having the beach on your doorstep. 

How To Settle Into Life In Singapore: A Guide For Aussie Expats
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