An Insight into the ever forming Digital Marketplace

Today we sit down and have a quick chat with Shon from Brus Media on the ever forming Digital Market Place. Firstly what motivated you to look into entering the digital market place in 2012 …? I have actually been involved in the digital space for quite a number of years, particularly gaming. I’ve worked on a number of startups throughout my career and have naturally progressed from web-based projects to Facebook apps and now my focus is on mobile. Looking at the progression of the industry, we started Brus Media with a focus on Facebook App advertising, but quickly shifted to mobile apps as we could see the trend moving towards this space. We are constantly seeing new tech and trends forming on the release of new equipment or pop  trends this makes the Digital Market like something that has never been seen before as there is no base line or set of rules … What do you see are the benefits of working in such an environment …? I think the biggest benefit from this environment is that we’re now in a marketplace where there is so much opportunity, you can take a company from non-existence to $3 billion in 3 years like Supercell has, the guys behind Clash of Clans. This is more the exception than the rule, but if you keep on top of trends and capitalise on the opportunities around you, there is always that chance the next big win could be yours. If we look at industries before this, competing with the long-established market leaders would have been almost impossible. With the new found freedom coming from this we are seeing creative from all walks of life and tech industry leaders making a move into the App Market place to collaborate on new ventures, what do you think the best thing to come from this will be …? I think there’s great benefits for both consumers and the startups capitalising on the market. With large companies wanting to move into this space, it means that the economy surrounding the app marketplace continues to grow, with more funding going into startups and more apps being paid to be built. This creates a lot of opportunity for those entrepreneurs that want a piece of the action. With the heavy adoption of smartphones, it also means that consumers are going to benefit from the creations that come about. Whether it’s the amusement that comes from gaming apps, to utility apps designed to improve different aspects of you life, the mobile world will ultimately improve our quality of life in some way or another. Your company Brus media is a prime example of the fast paced expansion of the market place and has recorded an astounding uptake in the last two years On its first day, the business generated revenue of $1. As of April 2014, it is reported $1 in sales revenue is earned every 7.6 seconds.  What would you say are the key factors are in your success …? The first I would say is keeping on top of industry trends. The business, as mentioned, was initially launched as a platform for marketing Facebook apps, however noticing and identifying a shift in the industry, we transitioned the business solely to mobile apps within a few months, which has been the focus since. If we didn’t have a dynamic business and were too rigid with our initial offering, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation today. The second is definitely focusing on relationship management. The business was built purely on relationships with publishers that have mobile traffic and advertising companies looking to promote their apps. By reaching out to and maintaining strong relationships with these people we have been able to build a strong business with only a small amount of marketing the business itself. Finally I’d say that “thinking global” is also a key to achieving maximum success in the digital industry. We are still only at the very tip of what can be achieved, however by taking a global approach we have been able to get to this point. We actually don’t work with a single Australian company at the moment, with our revenue coming from countries all over the world including the USA, Israel, Russia, Finland and Hong Kong. And what are you planning to do next to maintain this momentum …? We have two focuses for the business at the moment. The first is to continue growing the publisher side of the business, that is people that are looking to monetise mobile traffic that they might have within their mobile app or website. We have more people looking to advertise their apps than traffic at the moment, which you could say is a good problem to have! So we are going to look into growth strategies for this side of the business. The next main focus for the business is the launch of a new division of the company, which has been recently launched with Deep Sea Slots, a mobile casino game that we have developed. This division of the business will operate as a game studio and vertically integrate into the Brus Media business while also giving us the chance to grow and capitalise on the lucrative social casino market. For more info on Shon and the crew head to


Written by Owen George

Editor of @GC_MAG Australia, Currently living by the mantra life is too short for bad coffee

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