Interview with Face of Fashion week Finalist Emma Sengstock

Interview with Face of Fashion week Finalist Emma Sengstock

Well today we are sitting down to chat with Emma  one of the finalists of the face of fashion week who is in the mix with Ten others to be appointed the face of the QT Fashion Week and Awards 2014  held in April.

Well starting off with the basics who what and where inspires you most..?

Who: My good friend who has a fatal disease yet she still lives a happy and fulfilling life.

What: Learning languages has inspired me to travel to many places and it has also proved to be very useful in the modelling industry.
Where: Paris. I used to live there and it was such an exciting city. It was also really insightful to see their take on fashion.

If you had to describe yourself to someone in a few short words what would you say …?

I would describe myself as an outdoors person who is an animal lover, kind, confident, reliable, creative and likes to learn languages.

Where would you say you find your motivation …?

Being able to create artistic images with fashion and make-up is my main inspiration as a model. I’m also motivated by the opportunities to cast for a range of brands and products.

What would you say fashion means to you…?

Self-expression through what you wear and accentuating what you have. Personally, I don’t always follow fashion rules or current trends – sometimes it’s about finding pieces and colours that suit yourself. If you know you look good you feel good, so you are able to express yourself with more confidence.

When did you first get started in modelling and what made you get into the industry …?

I got started after I went along to an ANTM audition with a friend and we did quite well. After getting some press through that I got an agent and it went from there. I was interested in the creativity of modelling and the industry, so it was always an area that I wanted to be involved in.

What would you say has been a career highlight so far..?

A main highlight is modelling for Australian designers and swimwear brands. In particular, I liked modelling Megan Gale’s swimwear label, Isola. Another highlight was meeting casting directors for designers such as Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton.

As the Gold Coast is pretty different market how would you describe Gold Coast Fashion …?  What makes it different in your eyes …?

Gold Coast fashion tends to have many bright colours with bold cuts in high-wasted skirts and pants. It differs to other cities because it reflects the beach lifestyle and living with hot weather.

What do you hope to come from your experience in the Face of Fashion week Competition…?

I hope to make more progress in my career and meet many people involved with Fashion Week. Being able to help show what the future Who’s Who of style can bring to the rest of Australian fashion would also be a great experience

Now as a final question what makes you stand out from the other finalists of Face of Fashion Week…
By being myself and having a good time! I am also super motivated and have industry experience.
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