Interview with Face of Fashion week Finalist Nina Hill

Interview with Face of Fashion week Finalist Nina Hill

Well today we are sitting down to chat with Nina one of the finalists of the face of fashion week who is in the mix with Ten others to be appointed the face of the QT Fashion Week and Awards 2014  in April

Starting off with the basics who what and where inspires you most?
Individuals that have rised above adversity and worked hard to pursue their dreams. Those that have the ability to give to others and our environment selflessly, for a greater good. A great example of a person such as this was Nelson Mandela. The places that inspire me the most is any place rich in nature, I love surfing so the ocean is my number one source of inspiration. When I’m in the ocean I instantly feel at home. It resets me and keeps me feeling alive.

If I cant be near the ocean I love running, any form of outdoors adventure or activity is a lot of fun for me.

If you had to describe yourself to someone in a few short words what would you say …?
Ambitious, loyal, outgoing, humble with the ability to not take myself too seriously.

What would you say fashion means to you…?
Fashion is the ability to express myself. It allows me to be creative, allowing me to reflect my personality.

When did you first get started in modelling and what made you get into the industry …?
My first photo shoot was for Spell and the Gypsy Collective ( which has now blossomed into an international brand. It has been amazing to watch this brand grow to the success that it is today. This was my first real photo shoot and I had so much fun that it just progresses naturally after that. Since that photo shoot I was asked to do more and more and my modelling work progressed from there.

What would you say has been a career highlight so far..?
Making it the Miss Universe Australia National Finals was definitely one of my career highlights. Modelling has always been a great passion of mine but the ability to get up on stage and practice my public speaking gave me the confidence to pursue my other passion of TV presenting. Now I have a position with Skuff TV ( as a sports presenter which has become another great career highlight.

As the Gold Coast is pretty different market how would you describe Gold Coast Fashion …?
I’d describe Gold Coast fashion as having a lot to do with lifestyle. As I am a Byron Bay girl I have spent a lot of time growing up on both the beaches in Byron Bay and the Gold Coast. The fashion embodies the beautiful weather and the outdoors lifestyle that we are lucky enough to live in.

What makes it different in your eyes …?
The abundance of creativity that comes from living in such a naturally rich environment. The ocean and the beauty of this region allows people to be true to themselves and create fashion that is truly a reflection of their creativity and not a following trend just because it is in fashion. Overall I believe it is different because it expresses individuality.

What do you hope to come from your experience in the Face of Fashion week Competition…?
As with every new experience I hope to meet new and exciting people as well as the chance to do something that helps me to learn and grow. I believe this is a great opportunity to network with designers and other models in the Gold Coast fashion industry.

Now as a final question what makes you stand out from the other finalists of Face of Fashion Week
Each and every girl in the finals for the Face of Fashion Week is unique and beautiful in their own way. I am positive each girl would be able to do an amazing job if they were to win the face of fashion week. However I do know that I have the ability to represent a fit and healthy image as the face of fashion week, with an outgoing and positive attitude that I bring to every experience I am lucky enough to be a part of. My experience with Miss Universe Australia, modelling and as a TV presenter gives me the confidence both in front of the camera and with public speaking. This ability allows me to represent whichever brand I am representing at the time in the best possible way.

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