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Interview with Face of Fashion week Finalist Ayla Adams

Well today we are sitting down to chat with Ayla Adams one of the finalists of the face of fashion week who is in the mix with Ten others to be appointed the face of the QT Fashion Week and Awards 2014 to be held in April.
Starting off with the basics who what and where inspires you most..? 

There are many powerful women in the industry who are very inspiring, such as Lara Bingle or Miranda Kerr. Generally, I’m inspired by models who are healthy and fit, girls who have amazing personalities as well as beautiful looks, such as Jennifer Hawkins. I’m also inspired by my amazing agent, Kathy Castens. A very beautiful and empowering woman who continues to give me confidence and push me past my boundaries to help me grow as a model.
I’m inspired by fashion and art and the combination of the two. Fashion inspires me to style a new look for every time I leave my house and my artistic touch helps me stand out in what I wear and how I conduct myself.
I’m inspired by the world, the amazing places you can travel to. Travelling inspires me more than anything, I’ve recently gotten back from a trip to Fiji and my mind was blown by the beautiful culture and scenery. It’s made me plan my next trip and begin to dream about the places I will travel to in the years to come. My ultimate dream is to travel the world modelling, to leave my footprint in as many countries as I can.

If you had to describe yourself to someone in a few short words what would you say …? 

I’d have to say I’m a very bubbly and creative person, most definitely an extrovert, I always spend time in the company of friends. Also, I’m very artistic, friendly and easy approachable.

Where would you say you find your motivation …? 

I enjoy the feeling of getting up and walking in front of a crowd, or seeing myself in a campaign. It’s an awesome feeling when you’re able to showcase someones work and you’re appreciated for the job you do. I also want to be a role model for  young girls, I’m motivated in the sense that I want to have a healthy and fit body image to show people that you don’t need to starve yourself to be in a magazine, you just need to eat well and exercise.
What would you say fashion means to you…?
I’ve grown up watching Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, Australia’s next top model and I’ve worked in fashion for years now. I work around fashion everyday and even more so now that I’ve got myself into modelling. I love it, I couldn’t imagine taking a career path that didn’t involve it.
When did you first get started in modelling and what made you get into the industry …?
I started when I was 13, my parents helped me build up some confidence to do my first photo shoot. I then got approached by a talent scout and a photographer based in Brisbane, both asking if i were interested in a modelling career. It started to make me think about that choice, so then I approached Katz Model Management and they were more than happy to take me on board with open arms.
What would you say has been a career highlight so far..?
I definitely enjoy the travelling. It’s made me want to strive for bigger and better things, such as international contracts. My highlight would definitely be being casted for a bridal show in Melbourne this January. I’ve never been to Melbourne and this has just put the opportunity at my front door. Not only that, I get to be a bride for three days and wear some amazingly beautiful garments!
As the Gold Coast is pretty different market how would you describe Gold Coast Fashion …?  What makes it different in your eyes …? 
Gold Coast fashion keeps up with what’s trending on the runway but still has a fresh and edgy twist. Since we are situated on some beautiful coast lines, our fashion in some aspects reflects that with some amazing swimwear brands such as Molly and Polly.
In my eyes, Gold Coast fashion is always changing to stay in style and most definitely brings a new twist to fashion.

What do you hope to come from your experience in the Face of Fashion week Competition…?

I hope I get a lot more experience as well as exposure to further my career in modelling. This competition will help me so much as far as gaining more knowledge of how the industry works and also give me a chance to experience healthy competition against the other contestants. If I do win, it will help me progress so much with my career.
Now as a final question what makes you stand out from the other finalists of Face of Fashion Week…
I feel as if i have a unique look, not a face that you would see every day. My look would bring a new vibe to the competition as well as provide a potential winner that has substance and a personality, someone who can present mentally not just physically. I feel as if my creativity could work to my advantage, being an artist for the past 7 years it lets me see things from a different point of view and put an artistic spin on each situation. I believe all this will definitely make me stand out as well as help me be someone who you will remember.
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