Interview with Grant Smillie


Spend a day in the life of Grant Smillie and you will quickly discover that he lives and breathes electronic music.

The DJ, record label owner, venue owner, producer and citizen of the world says his life is never dull and GC Mag caught up with the busy jet setter to catch a glimpse into his vivacious lifestyle.

The man who always has a smile on his face said he first took to music in school and was instantly bit by the music bug.

“I have always gravitated towards dance music, always had a natural attraction to it”

As he progressed through his studies, music played a dominant role and soon enough he was playing at different clubs and events. At just 20 years old Grant had begun producing and playing his own records.

His career sky rocketed when he released his first successful record “flaunt it” and has never looked back.

“The sole reason I love making music is the reactions I get from the audience. It gives me instant gratification when I see the crowd connecting with my music and singing it back to me”.

Grant’s charismatic attitude was contagious and in no time at all he was hosting The Weekend show on Nova playing the hottest new dance tracks from Australia and around the world.

“I love radio because you get to connect with people and break new and exciting music”.

Grant and his partner in crime, Ivan Gough went on to create his production outfit TV ROCK and has released many chart topping hits under this label.

He furthered his career by touring with some of the most talented and respected names in the music industry all over the world.

“I was given the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing artists and play for crowds of over 150,000 people, which is truly an experience that I will never forget.”

Grant has successfully cemented his name in the music industry and is best buddies with the big dogs of music including David Guetta, Steve Angello, Axwell, Fedde Le Grande and Sebastian Ingrosso just to name a few.

Travelling the world has been one of the main highlights of Grants career, although he never passes up an opportunity to play a gig in Australia as he says, “Nothing beats a home crowd and the feeling of being back on home soil”.

To top it off Grant was the recipient of not one, but two ARIA awards which he says was nothing short of amazing.

“It was such a good feeling when I won for the first time and it gave me such a sense of accomplishment in my work.”

Now a household name, Grant told us that he would have never settled for a nine to five office job and that pursuing his passion has given him the opportunity to combine his loves of music and travel rolled into one.

“To me this job is never boring and I love the diversity that comes with it.”

Coming this far in just 10 short years, we ask what Grant has planned for the next 10 years.

He told us that he hopes to set up camp in America and continue to DJ and produce only the best dance music.

He also hopes to expand his passion for hospitality by opening up more bars and restaurants in America and even the Caribbean’s.

Grant wants to continue his successful record label in America and around the world and envisions his radio show to be a major hit in the US just as it is in Australia.

“I am a firm believer that sticking to your guns and trusting your instincts will lead you down a road to success. It is not worth copying what others have done you need to find a sound that works for you and if you do this then you will be a star.”

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