Interview with Photographer Michael Greves


Today i caught up with globe trotter and established photographer, Michael Greves to find out a little bit more about the local photographer, entrepreneur and adventure seeker.

How did you get into fashion photography?
I have been in photography for 5 years now and I started in runway photography in 2009 at the Gold Coast Swimwear Fashion Week. At first I didn’t really understand fashion, but after my first few jobs I soon realized that shooting beautiful fabrics and eccentric colours really complimented the models, the location, and lighting which resulted in amazing photos.

What made you want to pursue photography and more specifically fashion photography?
Well it kind of runs in the family, my mother and grandmother are in the fashion industry. My grandmother was one of Australia’s leading designers back in the day. My cousin, Nick has also really motivated me to pursue photography and I have also had prior experience with graphic design.
What do you specialize in and what are your main clients?
I specialize in producing high end fashion lookbooks and editorial photos for designers, models and agencies. For my clients I aim to capture their story, brand and image so the photos exceed their expectations.

What are your future goals?
My short term goal is launching my new business called Hustle Brand. will sell electric skateboards and must have gadgets. Skating has been one of my hobbies for years so it’s a logical fit for me.

Whose work has influenced you the most as a photographer and why?
I have been guided in my work by various mentors all over the globe. Nick Koudis my cousin is a digital pioneer and has been by my side through thick and thin.

Tell me about the notorious Le Truck?
Le Truck took two years to design and then another six months to build. It’s basically a media centre on wheels. It’s where we do make-up and editing and often ends up backstage at a lot of shows. The beauty of it is that I can drive it to just about any location and the processing is faster which means faster turnaround results,
*you can also find more about Le Truck at*

What publications have you been featured in ..?
I have had my work featured in many publications but I am most proud to have had my work published in Grazia France and Vogue Spain.

What was it like to shoot at Paris Fashion week?
It was definitely a challenge at first but I eventually got there. It was an experience I will never forget and has helped advance my career.

What is the best part about your job?
I would have to say working with a diverse range of business owners and creating amazing images and a functional workflow to suit their needs.

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