Jeskaa Lee – The Length of Winter


Heading into the cooler months, we are swapping our short skirts and shorts for pants and jeans.. Sometimes for me it can feel a bit ‘daggy’ to always wear pants to events or occasions and my legs never see the light of day.. ahh!

The perfect piece that can be styled back with so many pieces is either the Pencil Skirt, The 50’s Mid-length Skirt & The Trumpet Skirt. These pieces are a very classy alternative to add to your winter wardrobe and the length on the skirts keep you just that bit warmer.. A few of these are definitely going to be hanging in wardrobe this winter.

Some advice when shopping for the perfect mid-length skirt is to shop for your body shape. A lot of women head straight out to the shops and try to buy an item that they have seen on someone else but they may not have the same body type and it doesn’t quite fit or work.

Some important factors before you head to the shops are to define what body shape you are here:

The pencil skirt is ideal for a lot of body shapes suiting the hourglass, pear & even the banana shape body type. The trick to this skirt is that it enhances curves on just about every body type. This skirt can be teamed with either a fitted top, a peplum or try button up t-shirt to add a touch of casual to the outfit. Darker colours can still enhance your curves without making them.

This skirt is great if you prefer to have a looser fit around your knees. Perfect for hourglass, pear or a banana body type, as it creates soft curves. If you do not want to accentuate your upper thigh and bottom this skirt is not for you as it draws attention to this area.

This mid-Length skirt is great for every figure especially for enhancing the apple shape by adding to the hips with its soft flare and synching in the waistline. Also perfect if you want to hide any part of your lower body, as it does not hug your bottom or thighs. Team this with a fitted top or thin knit to keep your upper body looking smaller and let the skirt do the talking.

Once you find the skirt that works for your body type it is really important to stick with a length that flatters you most and take note to pick a hem length that sits on the leanest part of your leg, this will be different on everyone and can range from above the knee, over the knee or just below.
My advice to find this out is to try a few lengths on at the shops and take some photos and compare the styles next to each other. The skirt that suits you most is the one you feel best in; it should flatter your body and enhance your shape.
Happy shopping ladies!

Written by Jess Marshall you can find more of her work at