Joel Parkinson Says Farewell to World Surfing Stage


Today marks the end of a stellar career for Gold Coast owns Joel Parkinson who earlier today, surfed the last heat of his professional career on the Championship Tour,

Defeated by Yago Dora (BRA) and Wilson in Round 4. The 37-year-old Australian who claimed the World Title in 2012, spent 18 seasons among the world’s best surfers and received many accolades, being regarded as the most stylish surfer on tour.

Joel Parkinson Says Farewell to World Surfing Stage
Joel Parkinson Emotional moments after his last heat on the World Surf League
Image Credit @ WSL / Cestari @kc80

“I was having such an emotional reception with everyone there,” Parkinson said. “It’s been an honor, I’m proud of what I achieved. It’s given me an amazing lifestyle and so many good moments. The tour has so many hills and valleys, all these emotional rollercoasters. Like any professional sport, it’s just the way it rolls. It’s nice to get to the end of it and finally maybe just run on an even keel for a while. I guess Kelly is the really last one of our generation and I’m sure it will be pretty emotional once he goes and surfing’s in good hands now with the next generation.”


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All we have left to say is thank you, Legend. #onyaparko

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