A Look at both sides of the Lens


With QT Fashion Week and Awards fast approaching, all eyes turn to the Gold Coast’s best and brightest talent on and off the runway. GCMag was lucky enough to catch up with model Dani Fitch and photographer Ricki Vale to have a chat about what its like being on either side of the lens.
So what’s the best part about working in front of the lens? For Dani, it’s about “the final product! A forever keepsake of a beautiful image.”
Behind the camera however, Ricki focuses on “bringing concepts together and making people look amazing.”
When asked about working on this shoot, Ricki revealed, “I love Dani – she’s awesome… I filled a whole a memory card!
No stranger to the runway, Dani admits having “a soft spot for Nicola Finetti ever since I walked for him in Fashion Week in 2012… Nicola always brings the goodies to the runway but I’m interested to see what else will grace the runway next April. I guess we will have to wait and see.”
Speaking on dream collaborations, Ricki couldn’t narrow it down to just one designer to work with: “All of them! Every person has a different concept and I love to see things through a different person’s eyes.”

How do these ladies like to unwind after a big shoot?
“The reality is there’s a lot of craziness behind the scenes that you just don’t see. Once the heels, makeup and beautiful clothes are off, it’s all slippers, baby wipes and fluffy robes for me!” Dani admits.
For Ricki, it’s “a glass of wine or beer.”
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