Mac and Bain


Meet Gold Coast designer Alana McBain, Founder and CEO of the high fashion label Mac&Bain. GC Mag was lucky enough to catch this busy designer for a quick chat and here’s what she had to say for herself:

Tell me about your label Mac&Bain?
I wanted to create a tailored look that is made to order, giving clients that one on one experience. Mac&Bain has a relaxed bohemian edge to it that is at the same time sexy and modern.

What is your motto as a designer?
I have stayed true to my philosophy of blending elegance with innovation

Describe your creative process for us.
I work a little bit back the front. As a designer you tend to look at all forms of design- art, music, theatre, architecture—everything influences you. I love doing everything on my own including the sewing of every garment.

What is your favourite piece from your 2013 collection Golden Girls?
It would have to be the Florence Evening Gown. It is a long lace dress with swirling tassels and stunning fringing. It is so elegant and vintage.

What type of women do you style?
I style women from ages 25-45 who are searching for something unique and out of the ordinary to add to their wardrobe. I cater for women who are in-between sizes and tailor a garment to suit their size.

How do you stay on top of current trends?
I read a lot of magazines and like watching fashion shows. I occasionally incorporate trends but my looks are very timeless and it also depends on the client as well. Usually my garments are a mixture of five different things combined in one look.

Who are some of your fashion heroes?
At the moment I am in love with Melbourne designer, Toni Maticevski.

Finally, where do you see your label headed in 10 years?
I would like to see boutique tailoring come back in style and continue to work closely with my clients.