Macy Callaghan is The 2016 WSL Australasia Junior Qualifying Series Women’s Champion

After a dominant performance throughout the World Surf League (WSL) Australasia Junior Qualifying Series (JQS) Central Coaster Macy Callaghan has been crowned 2016 JQS Women’s Champion.

Callaghan took out five of the eight events on the new look Australasia JQS calendar and put down performances that were is sure to send shockwaves through the surfing world.

“Winning the 2016 JQS was one of my main goals for this year,” Callaghan said. “I’m really happy that I achieved my goal and took out the series. I’m also really stoked with how I surfed throughout the series.”

Finishing on top of the WSL Australasia JQS ranking with give Macy the chance to surf in the World Junior Championships along with her good friend Kobie Enright who finished in second overall.

“I’m really excited about the World Junior Championships as it’s my first time. What I’m really excited about is being able to compete there with my best friend Kobie Enright, I think it will be so much fun. Taking home that title would mean the world to me.”

Callaghan came into 2016 with a renewed passion and focus, spending plenty of hours in the water and taking on a new training regime. She also attributes part of her success to her equipment that she has been getting through a partnership with shaper to the stars, Matt Biolos of Mayhem Surfboards.

“I’ve been putting a lot of hours in the water and I can really feel it in my surfing. I have also been doing some fitness stuff which is relatively new to me so I feel great. I can really feel the difference it makes in and out of the water. I have also been working with Matt Biolos lately and My equipment feels amazing.

Callaghan, like a lot of her fellow JQS competitors not only focused on the junior events, but competed in a lot of the new Qualifying Series (QS) 1,000 events on the Australian East Coast at the start of the year. Callaghan had a number of finals results even taking out the Burleigh Pro. She currently sits in 2nd position on the Australasia QS standings and 10th in the global standings.

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Macy on her way to winning the NIB Pro Junior at Newcastle Surfest: WSL/Bennett

“I had a great start to the year on the QS and I came out of the Australasia leg with some solid results. I think that gave be a lot of confidence going into the JQS events. Just all of that competing kept me competitive and hungry.”

The 2016 Australasia JQS grew to eight events all around Australia with the support of Subway, NIB, Surfing Australia and Billabong was back in full-flight and Callaghan took advantage of the new look series with extra events.

“Subway and Billabong ran an amazing series. It was great having heaps of comps around Australia as I got to travel to some new places and it was a great experience for all of the competitors.”

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