Making your Falls Experience an easy one

99 PROBLEMS BUT A BEACH AIN’T ONE Falls Byron Bay is teaming up with the lovely folk at Brunswick Heads, our closest coastal destination and we’re scheduling heaps of regular bus shuttles to and from the beach throughout the day for those of you who want to take a dip, catch some waves and have a mini-mid-fest-break. Jump right in and check out the crystal shores you could be lazing upon this summer! Ditto Byron, plenty of services to get you there. Lorne has regular shuttles to and from town with so many beach options available and Marion Bay is an easy 15 minute walk from sandy, salty shores! CAMP NEXT TO YOUR CAR! You will now be able to camp next to your cars at Byron Bay! No more separation anxiety and no more carrying your gear across the camping threshold. This process was mentioned by many of you throughout the survey as being frustrating and not consistent with our Lorne and Marion Bay events – well, now it is! Look forward to parking right next to your tent, being able to utilize your vehicle as a lockable device for valuables and driving your items to your final destination with zero fuss and maximum comfort. You auto know. Please note once you have parked in the campground your car will be locked in position and you will be unable to leave until patrons depart 3 January. CAR FREE CAMPGROUNDS CLOSE TO EVENT ENTRANCE If you enjoy the tranquility and peace of a greenfields campground sans car or think you may need to leave the festival before Jan 3 in Byron Bay, we have held the best location for you right near the main event entrance. Drive your car to the venue and we have a dedicated carpark near your camping area. Keep it clean, keep it green! CAR PASSES ON SALE If you’re driving to Lorne or Byron you will need to pre-purchase a Car Pass, this system reduces the cars on the roads and onsite – creating more space and encouraging carpooling. Figure out the day you’ll be arriving and lock it in. Remember, if camping and you arrive with 3 or more people in your vehicle, you’ll receive a refund! If you are purchasing a day carpark pass, 4 in the car and you get your money back!! Lorne Car Passes Byron Bay Car Passes Marion Bay does not require Car Passes SHARE YOUR RIDE Look after Mother Nature and meet new people! Share or join a ride to Falls this summer with our Falls Ride Sharing app! Remember, if you arrive onsite with 3 or more people in your vehicle, you’ll receive a full Car Pass refund. SLIM SHADY We’re adding heaps of shady shelter options throughout the Byron Bay site for loungin’ and keepin’ cool this summer! Whether you’re out and about in the Main Arena or chillin’ at your campsite there will be heaps of destination bars, activities and places to hang out and catch-up, away from rays of light – even a water park! More shade in The Village, more bars and heaps more overall light blocking structures, keeping those Vitamin D levels healthy and happy.   TICKETS: Marion Bay, Tasmania and Byron Bay, New South Wales are ON SALE NOW: LORNE IS SOLD OUT.   TRAVEL BOOKINGS: Best to book your travel early while availability is high and costs are low, check out the Falls website for all of your options.]]>

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