Massey bound for massive things


Gold Coast local, Cleo Massey, is well-known for her character Kim, on TV series, H20: Just Add Water.

Mischievous, cunning and cheeky, her character Kim is little more than a pain in the butt. But Massey says she hardly reflects the character she plays, and describes herself as friendly, fun, outgoing and adds “with a cheeky sense of humour.”

“It’s a lot of fun playing Kim, because I get to be someone totally different to myself,”

“Kim is very cheeky and a bit of a brat and I can get away with it,”

“It’s fun to take on such a strong minded character.”

Since finishing her role in H20: Just Add Water, Massey has pursued other opportunities in the acting industry, expanding her talents to short and feature film both in Australia and overseas.

Massey played a role in a Neil McGregor feature film called The Little Things in 2010, where she played the young Dee O’keefe (played by Kathryn Beck), in a flashback scene.

“It just secured worldwide distribution and won best drama at the Toronto Film Festival.”

Recently, Massey attended the Gold Coast Film Festival, for her most recent short-film called I’m Home.

“It was really fun, we got to do the whole red carpet thing, mingle with people and it was good to see all the old H20 crew.”

“I’m Home is a dark comedy, where I play the main character, Meg, who has died and comes back from hell to warn her parents about hell.”

Most interesting about Massey’s role in short-films is her work with her mother.

“She plays my mum in I’m Home and we’ve worked together before in two other short-films, called Humility Rising and Futility”

“I was only 11 when I got my first role, I have my mum to thank, for her help and her talents… she’s actually been a singer her entire life”

“We’re a very musical family actually, my dad is a drummer.”

Massey’s acting pursuits don’t belittle her keen interest in music, that is placed in high devotion amongst her family.

“My idol is Beyonce, she’s a triple threat, and I’d like to considered myself a triple threat too.”

Massey is currently studying a Diploma of Music at TAFE, utilising her passions in singing and playing guitar.

Cleo Masey is in no way ready to slow down. She plans to continue with her busy agenda, acting, singing and dancing – happy to pursue all creative aspects of her life.
“I don’t mind where I’ll be in ten years, just as long as I’m doing what I’m doing now.”