From Melbourne to L.A, he’s the breakthrough game changer, keeping our ears pricked to the electric beats of his tracks, but there’s nothing basic about DJ Generik.

After being discovered amongst the array of striving artists at the 2013 Stereosonic festival by popular American DJ Calvin Harris, Toby O’Brien who goes by stage name Generik has a promising music career ahead of him.

“Its been a fair few years. In the beginning, you don’t know what you’re doing; you’re just messing around and having fun,” says Generik.

‘Then you realise this could be a career, a job and it’s something you loves doing, so things change dramatically.

“For me, it took too many years of having fun, but now I’ve been knuckling down and working hard everything is happening fairly quickly.”

As the fun and games were turned down a notch, Generik turned up the heat with djing and collaborating, and released party starter The Weekend, which features Nicky Night Time from Sydney band Van She.

“My first single with Nicky Night Time was the most influential collaboration for me. I always loved Van She, so to work with Nicky was amazing,” he says.

“I think all the years of playing at Stereosonic helped me grow because I met a lot of amazing Dj’s, producers, management, etc. and have formed close friendships I still have today.”

From big lights in the big city of Melbourne to the even greater lights of America’s largest cities, Generik says going to past major music festivals were what had him hooked, to making music that simply makes you feel good.

“I started Dj’ing first and only in the last four years I have been making music. I’ve always been musical. I sang in the choir, which earned me a scholarship to my school.

“I went to Big Day Out with a bunch of friends and saw 2manydjs playing indie and rock, and mixing it with dance music. I was blown away and immediately got way into dance music.”

With dance music being right up Generik’s alley of expertise, his latest track Late At Night quickly tackles the dance floor and has already scored the DJ an exclusive performance with Calvin Harris’s in Las Vegas.

Naturally, you’d think to premiere before global hit-maker Harris would be reaching an impressive peak for a budding artist like Generik. However, he feels he’s only taken a small step towards bigger and better beats.

“I wouldn’t say it has been a hit just yet. Rihanna, she has hits. Drake, he has hits. I’m just making music I like and hope that people on the dance floor like it too.

“I find that if you’re a genuine person, then you will go a long way. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. People see through all the fakeness, so just be real and be yourself.”

And as he sets up shop for his premier show in L.A, Generik reveals he never imagined himself being where he is now, making and releasing addictive dance music for all the world to hear.

“I didn’t think it would be possible to have a career as a DJ and music producer when I first started DJ’ing; now this is my career.

“I’ve finished a song with the Aston Shuffle boys, and this amazing singer A*M*E* who sang on Duke Dumont Need You 100%, its called Be There, and hopefully, it’ll be on the internet for everyone to hear soon.

“I just want to keep making and playing music for as long as I can and if I’m getting paid for it, its a bonus.”

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