Minespec Success and Giving in Industry


It might seem like a stretch to find common ground between a mining industry leader and Miss Universe Australia, but as it turns out, it’s a match made in heaven, we’re talking with Director Simon Ross of Minespec Parts about the unlikely collision of worlds.

Minespec Parts, based in Nebo, Queensland, around an hour South-West of Mackay, works with mining businesses and aims to deliver new opportunities to turn idle assets and surplus parts into additional revenue.

“Our trademark “Turn Your Surplus to Purpose.” is a perfect fit with our overall aim at Minespec Parts, to lower costs in Repairs and Maintenance across the industry and by doing so, achieve a more practical cost per tonne mined whether that be Iron Ore, Gold, Coal you name it we’re involved. We’re proud to have a high level of quality, control and respect with that personal touch, and great relationships with our clients that is appreciated across all sectors, including our export relationships.”

Outside of their day-to-day business; however, they have a passion and purpose of making sure that they’re giving back to their community. Seeking out events and organisations which champion gender equality in the workplace and female empowerment and much more.


Jumping on board last year, Minespec’s Managing Director Simon Ross was involved in the launch of their involvement with Miss Universe Australia, donating a $10,000 prize to be awarded to the winner to put towards an education grant or business startup with the aim of kickstarting their dreams and career.

“I approached Troy and Sophia, the directors and introduced myself and my company, Minespec Parts. I wanted to sit down and explain to them both, how [we] could further the program by the introduction of a grant to boost the winner’s education or business startup.”

Simon wanted people to realise that despite their differences, the Mining and Fashion industries have a lot more in common than what appears at face value.

“Selling is all about being confident, presentation, quality control, trial and error. I may be involved with Mining, and Miss Universe Australia, but when you look at both sides of the stick, to make it work, ‘it’s all the same process.”

Not just a commercial partnership, Minespec parts have contributed to Miss Universe Australia in many aspects over the two years the company has been on board. Being the presenting sponsor and with Simon also being asked to judge the Queensland Finals, National Finals and the Runway show throughout the competition and been involved in a range of other contributions.

Since Minespec’s involvement in 2018, Simon and the team have maintained a continued level of enthusiasm, spurred on by the great success of their participation last year. The company was back in 2019 with a boosted level of involvement and looking to maintain the partnership into the future.

“Mainly bolstering the education grant and business startup for the winner, but also working to support the travel of the contestants, the National Finalist Bali trip. While also focusing on publicising the reasons for our involvement like creating awareness within our amazing industry of Mining, and promoting gender-balanced workforces, and mentoring where I can”

This year has also seen the introduction of the Miss Universe Australia Minespec Parts Ambassador. Jasmine Stringer, one of the finalists from the 2018 group, was announced to step into this role as a representative for Minespec Parts.

“I am extremely excited to announce my new role as the Brand Ambassador for Minespec parts.” Miss Stringer says.”My role allows me to represent Minespec Parts within a variety of programs and events that support Women, Gender balanced workforces, several incredible charities and much more. I am looking forward to continually growing our global audience and promoting the mining sector and the amazing opportunities it has to offer, especially for women in the industry.

Simon Ross Director of Minespec Parts with Jasmine Stringer Ambassador for Minespec Parts

In Simon’s words, “Diversity is the answer to long term success not just within the mining sector, but all workforces.””In 2017, 25% of the most successful startups were founded by women. We’re aiming to increase this figure.”

On speaking about his generous nature, Simon remains humble.”Minespec Parts are all about giving back to a community along with helping individuals grow with support. We are passionate about diverse and inclusive workforces and being a great advocate for generating much-needed interest within our amazing industry of Mining.”

And although Miss Universe Australia is the first pageant that Minespec has been involved with, Simon is certainly no stranger to lending a hand to those in need.

Over the years the company and Simon have shown their support for multiple causes such as the Tara Brown Foundation, the Leukaemia Foundation, Toybox, Multiple Sclerosis, Beyond Blue, as well as sponsoring the Brisbane Women’s Souths Rugby League club.

One of their latest ventures that they hold close to their hearts is their work with the Grass Skirt Project, a PNG based not-for-profit working towards preventing sexual and domestic violence through sport.

Tahina Booth, the founder of the organisation, is very proud of the work they are doing.“…We, as an organisation, celebrate women and are all about promoting gender equality and highlighting the issues surrounding domestic and sexual violence.”

Minespec came on board this year to sponsor the inaugural Oil Search Hevea Cup Carnival & Wellness Expo, as Simon found the work they were doing aligned closely with his and Minespec’s own values, and with the charity work, they have done in the past.

So, it’s no surprise when the opportunity to work with Miss Universe presented itself, Minespec Parts jumped at the chance. With well-aligning beliefs and values for gender equality and female representation within all industries, the pairing makes total sense.

With the 2019 finals having just drawn to a close and the lovely Priya Serraro being crowned our winner for this year, we look forward to seeing what Priya does with the Minespec Parts grant. And seeing the relationship between Minespec Parts and Miss Universe Australia continue to blossom through the 2020 competition.

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This article was originally published in the 51st Issue of gcmag