Miss Universe Aus QLD Finalist Interview – Courtney Ross

Miss Universe Aus QLD Finalist Interview - Courtney Ross

Congratulations on making it this far in the Miss Universe Australia competition!  Could you please tell us a bit about yourself?  Where do you call home when you aren’t travelling?  I grew up in central west Queensland. My parents owned 100,000 acres near Longreach. I went to boarding school in Brisbane and currently Ray White Annerley’s senior property manager.

Home would be Brisbane and my parents farm in Northern NSW. I love the both of both worlds. Love the city and country life I could not just choose one.

Out of everything you have already been through in this competition, what has been your favourite experience? Has it surpassed your expectations? My favourite part of the competition so far would be meeting so many lovely girls, the overwhelming experience & finding my inner self.

This time it has been nothing what I thought it would be like. There were so many girls and their families who traveled from all over Queensland to be apart of this amazing opportunity.

There is obviously a lot of pressure associated with beauty pageants. How do you like to take time out and relax?
The honest truth I go to gym to relax. Working out for an hour gives me the opportunity to clear my mind and not have to think about anything besides what I am doing there and then.

Do you have a favourite secret getaway spot in Queensland? There are two places I love going. Mt Binna Burra. I go to the walking tracks with friends and then the rock pools after to cool down. Or there are swim holes at Samford which are nice for picnics and relaxing.

How do you keep your amazing body in shape? And how do you maintain a healthy diet when you are on the go all the time? The key to being healthy is just being active. You need to prioritise your day and make time to exercise every day. I eat healthy but I do love chocolate and lollies. I can’t go a day without either going to the gym or at least a 45min walk a day. I always find time to walk in the morning and gym at night and I currently work 12 hr days. You just need to motivate yourself!

What is your biggest fashion tip? I always like to wear colour to show a wow factor (even to work) . Shows my bubbly personality. Something for advice for the girls to keep your makeup stay on longer – hairspray your face once you have finished applying.

What are the important traits of a role model and who is yours? I have so many role models and all for different reasons. I look up to people who have a successful lifestyle and have the determination to achieve greatness. They prove to people in this world if your put your mind to something anything is possible . John Howard, Jennifer Hawkins, Candice Swanepoel, Steve Jobs & Jessica Watson to name a few.

What would you bring to the role model of MUA? I have a loud & bubbly personality who believes not just Australia but the world needs a role model with good traits. I believe in myself and I have a younger sister who looks up to me and my achievements of my day to day life. I would love to be an ambassador for other people
in the world.

Goals for after Miss Universe: In 5 years I see myself as an ambassador not just in the fashion industry but as a role model to people of Australia. I am wanting to have traveled to a few countries and own my own real estate agency.

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