Miss Universe Aus QLD Finalist Interview – Emma Sengstock


Congratulations on making it this far in the Miss Universe Australia competition!  Could you please tell us a bit about yourself?  Where do you call home when you aren’t travelling? Thank you! Currently I am a full-time model and it has been going greatly. I have completed a Bachelor of Applied Linguistics and a postgrad in Teaching English. I love sports, animals, cooking, health and languages. I am always teaching myself more of them. Sunny  Queensland is where I call home of course, I spent a lot of my youth outdoors and going to islands only accessible by boat and fishing there. I’m very fond of my special memories of home. When I’m away and missing Australia I feel very much at home in London and Paris as I have spent a lot of time living over there too. Out of everything you have already been through in this competition, what has been your favourite experience? Has it surpassed your expectations? This competition has certainly surpassed my expectations! It’s not as easy as a normal strut down the runway, we need to really express who we are and speak in an articulate manner – not just be models. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure!   My favourite experience in the competition is being able to speak your mind on current affairs and listen to all the answers. However, I also dread that part the most because I don’t know what to expect! It’s exciting as well as extremely terrifying.  I’m also happy that I have made some beautiful new friends. There is obviously a lot of pressure associated with beauty pageants. How do you like to take time out and relax? Taking my dog for a walk in the fresh air is great way to unwind. I’ll also read and bake decadent treats for my friends and family. Do you have a favourite secret getaway spot in Queensland? Yes. My favourite spot is Granite Bay in Noosa National Park as I have many wonderful memories associated with that area. I also love Fraser Island and Great Keppel Island. How do you keep your amazing body in shape? And how do you maintain a healthy diet when you are on the go all the time? I grew up playing basketball and a lot of sports so I love to exercise. Now I usually I play netball and go for long runs. I also try and get to a Pilates class at least two or three times a week.  My diet is wholesome and healthy, yet I do enjoy quite a few indulgences such as large cups of Milo with hardly any milk stirred in it! There is no proper quick fix for fast dieting; consistency is the key so I usually keep it simple by eating mostly fresh fruits and veggies with each meal and a lot of protein.  It’s quite easy to stay consistent when you’re on the go actually. I carry a bag of snacks that are easy to eat or drink, such as coconut water poppers, apples, almonds, cacao nibs, crackers, tuna cans and cherry tomatoes. What is your biggest fashion tip? Good posture. Not only does it make clothing look better because you hold yourself better; you’ll also portray confidence in yourself when you walk into a room. People naturally gravitate towards that. What are the important traits of a role model and who is yours? Role models need to be a positive influence on the people who look up to them. They need to be giving people, who are confident in their opinions and beliefs in order to be effective.  I like Megan Gale. She is a confident, sophisticated woman and I think it’s great that she lived in Italy and could use her foreign language skills for work purposes. That’s also something I have done and wish to continue. Another public figure I like is Kate Middleton. She’s so kind and graceful. What do you think you would bring to the role of Miss Universe Australia? For the role of Miss Universe Australia – I bring a positive attitude, professionalism, experience and vibrant energy. I also love helping non-for-profit organisations which is something that the ultimate Miss Universe role involves. I think I would be a good role model for others, especially as I portray a positive, healthy lifestyle and could provide useful advice for people wanting to emulate that. Prior to this competition, I provided assistance in an anti-bullying organisation and also volunteered with the RSPCA, helping animals find loving new homes. What are your goals for after the Miss Universe Australia competition?  Where do you see yourself in five years? My short term goals after Miss Universe Australia are to keep up with my sponsorships and ongoing modelling campaigns, hopefully gaining many more. In five years I see myself still modelling or somewhere within the fashion or entertainment industry.  Additionally, I really hope to continue supporting fashion and non-for-profit organisations as an ambassador.]]>

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