Miss Universe Aus QLD Finalist interview - Rebecca Zafir

Well, it’s that time of year when the search to find Miss Universe Australia is well underway with State finals kicking off across the country.
Later this month at the Hotel Grand Chancellor , Surfers Paradise the judging panel will select the Queensland representatives in the 2015 Pageant.

Starting off our state finalist interviews we chat with Rebecca Zafir one of the contestants who will be competing for a place in the national final held on June 5 at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins where the countries finalists will be competing for the 2015 title.

Congratulations on Making it so far in the coveted miss universe Australia competition tell us a little about yourself …? 

My name is Rebecca Zafir; I am 24 years old, a solicitor by profession and have left my Job in Law to pursue my dream of modelling. It is so exciting to be able to follow my dreams. I am fun loving, energetic person, focus on eating healthy, an exercise enthusiast and travel blogger. I love life, meeting new people and taking part in new experiences and live by the motto- life is too short not to be happy.

Who or what inspired you to get involved in the Miss Universe Australia Pageant …? What drew you to such a competition ….? 

What inspired me to get involved in Miss Universe Australia pageant was the expansive nature of the competition, based on physical appearance and modelling skills however also focusing on entrants, who are self-assured, inspiring, well spoken and intelligent. I believe that with privilege comes responsibility and that to be Miss Universe Australia, a prestigious title in itself; it will allow me the privilege to represent my country, who we are, and what makes Australian and Australians diversified and unique.

Speaking of inspiration who inspires you most …? 

I attended a breakfast on Wednesday the 13th September 2012 where I met Catherine Hamlin, a beautiful and caring person, a great force to change lives and yet is modest and humble in her manner. As doctors her husband and her moved to Ethiopia for one year to help the young girls damaged through pregnancy and remained there for a lifetime; assisting young girls through fistula surgery a simple procedure and a common occurrence in third world

countries; changing their lives and allowing them to be reintegrated back into society. Catherine also raises money to build hospitals, teaches others and sets up outposts to identify possible pregnancies that may have complications and educates, cares and assists them before damage happens. At 91 years of age she still operates 4 hours a week and personifies to me the concept of never give up on your dreams and never stop helping people as everyone can make a difference.

If you are successful in the pageant you will become a possible inspiration or role model to many young girls how does this sit with you …? And what do you consider are the attributes of a good role model …? 

It would be a privilege to be a role model and inspire other young girls; I work to being the best person I can be in everything I undertake, through education and in actions and everyday life. I have worked through many pressures that young girls experience today, body image, health, food choices to become proud of who I am. I am confident and have a good self esteem in friendships and relationships. I support others pathways and successes and believe that everyone can make a difference. As a role model I believe that others would identify

with me easily and I would have compassion and understanding for what the young girls today are feeling.

The Miss Universe Pageant has a long history of associating with charity are their any social causes that are particularly close to your heart that you would like to  use the platform of miss universe to advance …? 

I am passionate about children, our future world leaders and citizens; they need to have the best beginning, with food, water, shelter, safety, love, education and opportunities. We need to address the homeless, starving, bullied, abused and mentally ill. We need to support them as they are our future generations; they are going to drive our society along a wonderful path. They are our minds and creators for our future and need to be nourished, developed and supported.

What do you think will set you out from the rest  of the entrants competing in the 2015 competition …? 

What would make me stand out from the other entrants is my maturity and life experience as well as my contagious personality and zest for life. I am also knowledgeable about life events and take interest in sharing my information about health and wellbeing. I am passionate about everything I do, I would work in my position energetically and honestly to promote what

Miss Universe represents and also bring to light what it can offer all the people of the world to aspire to excellence and realise our universal responsibility.

What would you say is your best style or beauty secret …? 

Elegant and colourful dressing plus drinking at least two litres of water daily and eating a piece of fruit every day

And speaking of personal style fitness is fast becoming more and more a part of the person’s personal style … how would you describe your fitness regime …?

I believe that it is critical for everyone to maintain their optimum health by eating well and exercising.  I commit to one fitness activity, five hours per week over five days; I love variety, so I may climb Mount Coolum, and do beach runs, Boot camps or a gym class. I also have a Personal Trainer and do boxing once a week which is such fun and a great destressor.

I love exercising and the feeling of serenity and achievement that you have when finished. I also love exercising in nature, it is amazing and a contrast to my previous office job where you can feel very restrained. My favourite exercises are squats and lunges, I love working the

lower part of my body and have a new found respect for weights;  yes I was one of those girls who thought it would make you bulky then released that low weights and high repetitions makes you toned and lean; I enjoy the way it shapes my body.

We all have a personal saying or particular mantra what would you say yours is ..? Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.

Now the Quick 5

1. What is something people might find interesting about yourself …?
I can sing and loved to perform in musical theatre at school

2. Your favourite place in the world to wind down and relax ..? The top of a mountain, I love the freedom and serenity it provides to be standing on top of the world.

What song would you say is  your personal anthem or theme song …? “One Man Can Change the World” by Big Sean featuring Kanye West and John Legend and
I change the lyrics to “One Women Can Change the World.”

If you could give yourself one piece of advice 5 years ago what would it be …? Don’t take life to seriously, everything happens for a reason, live each day fully and be present.

and What are five things in your life you just can’t live without …?
The support of my Family and Friends, my Water Bottle, Watermelon, Clothes and Shoes

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