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Miss Universe Aus QLD Finalist interview - Sarah Rangeley

Well, it’s that time of year when the search to find Miss Universe Australia is well underway with State finals kicking off across the country.
Later this month at the Hotel Grand Chancellor , Surfers Paradise the judging panel will select the Queensland representatives in the 2015 Pageant.

Starting off our state finalist interviews we chat with Sarah Rangeley one of the contestants who will be competing for a place in the national final held on June 5 at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins where the countries finalists will be competing for the 2015 title.

Congratulations on Making it so far in the coveted miss universe Australia competition tell us a little about yourself …?

Thank you so much! I feel as if I am in a very good place at the moment with my life and to be able to progress on my journey within this competition has made me assured of what’s ahead.

I am currently employed for a cruise and travel company working in the accounts department. I have always been inspired by the idea of travelling since I left high school. This desire to experience the world has led me to New York, Hawaii, Singapore, Los Angeles and Bali.

I am also a fully qualified beautician being able to help people attracted me to that industry. Friends would most likely describe me as spontaneous, creative, happy and passionate person.

Who or what inspired you to get involved in the Miss Universe Australia Pageant …? What drew you to such a competition ….
To be totally honest with you my mother was the one who actually entered me into the competition last year to encourage me to believe in myself and to follow my dreams. Since having that experience I have changed in ways that I cannot thank this competition enough for. What drew me to the competition this year would be having a better understanding of who I am, understanding the prestige of being involved in this competition, and wanting to further myself within this industry. The competition has already improved my self-esteem, my knowledge, has further inspired me, and made me feel significantly more confident about what I want. If the Miss Universe Australia Pageant can have this effect on me, then why wouldn’t I want to be drawn to it!

Speaking of inspiration who inspires you most …?
My heart will always choose my mother as she continues to inspire me every day as she has conquered countless obstacles that life has thrown at her, and is able to still hold her head high. Not only has she taught me how to love, but to also be a strong person.

If you are successful in the pageant you will become a possible inspiration or role model to many young girls how does this sit with you …? And what do you consider are the attributes of a good role model …?
If I was to be successful and given the opportunity to inspire young girls or to become a role model, I would feel so blessed and would be 100% committed and motivated in empowering and encouraging young women. To me, someone who has a clear sense of what is important to them, whilst keeping their morals and beliefs alive.
A role model to me is someone who makes a difference in the world by continuously putting the effort to improve and create things that can change and have an effect on those around them. People who are passionate and have the ability to inspire others.

The Miss Universe Pageant has a long history of associating with charity are their any social causes that are particularly close to your heart that you would like to  use the platform of miss universe to advance …?
The main contributions I would want to encourage and help support are programs aimed at assisting children with Autism and other disabilities. This is very close to my heart and I have witnessed first-hand experience how difficult their lives can become. Current programs such as Autism Queensland have done an incredible job at providing children with the opportunity to realise their unique potential, as well as proving support for families. I would want to share with the world that they are still normal children, but see a different view on life.

What do you think will set you out from the rest  of the entrants competing in the 2015 competition …?
I love to chat to everyone and when I get nervous I seem to talk even more. I suppose what I mean is when you put me in a room with a crowd, I can communicate with everyone. I am full of random facts and always find others interesting and love to know what they’re all about. I don’t know if this will set me out from the rest of the entrants but at least people won’t forget my stories right? I was once described as a “tiger in the crowd”, because even though I am there with stripes, I can still blend in with the spots.

What would you say is your best style or beauty secret …?
Always brush your teeth, always! And have fresh breath. One of my pet peeves is when someone doesn’t have good hygiene. I don’t know if it’s a secret, but people notice a healthy smile.

And speaking of personal style fitness is fast becoming more and more a part of the person’s personal style … how would you describe your fitness regime …?
Personally I don’t enjoy being stuck in a room like a gym exercising, I prefer being outdoors. You’ll most likely find me either running along the beach or going for a hike in a national park. If I must be indoors exercising I’ll be attending a hot yoga class.

We all have a personal saying or particular mantra what would you say yours is ..?I believe that everything truly happens for a reason whether you learn from it or if it’s a sign you’re heading down the path you are supposed to.

Now the Quick 5

1. What is something people might find interesting about yourself …?
I am able to understand and give tarot readings to people.

2. Your favourite place in the world to wind down and relax ..?
Currumbin Alley

What song would you say is  your personal anthem or theme song …?
I don’t really have an anthem, usually my mood will dictate what song/s I listen to.

If you could give yourself one piece of advice 5 years ago what would it be …?
Ignore the people who try to bring you down, trust and be confident within yourself.

and What are five things in your life you just can’t live without …?

  • Chocolate
  • Music
  • The Beach
  • Family
  • Positive energy

Owen George
Owen George

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