Miss Universe Australia – Finalist interview Bree Wilson of WA

Miss Universe Australia - Finalist interview Bree Wilson of WA

Congratulations on making it so far in the coveted Miss Universe Australia competition tell us a little about yourself …!
Who inspires you most?
I am not inspired by a particular person, but I am inspired by a type of person who achieves their goals out of hard work and determination, and strives to be the very best they can be.

What do you do for a living ….?
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Notre Dame. And once completed I hope to be able to travel with the knowledge and skills that I gain from this degree. I also part time model on the side.

Speaking of Work Where is your favourite place to kick up your heals after a hard day of work …?
My favourite place would just be home…. After a long day there is no better feeling than having a nice home cooked meal and catching up on some Game of Thrones.

And what does your ideal day of rest and relaxation entail …?
I love heading to my holiday home in Margaret River which is in the South West of Western Australia, it happens to be what I think is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Including your favourite chill out music …?
My favourite chill out music would probably be music by London Grammar as well as RUFUS.

And how would you say your work if at all has prepared you for the Miss Universe Australia Competition…?
Modelling has helped me during this competition, in particular with grooming and deportment, but also confidence. Being a student has taught me self discipline and time management, which I believe is a vital part in every day life.

What is something people might find interesting about yourself..?
I love sport and have been surrounded by it my entire life, I don’t think there is a sport I haven’t tried to conquer.

How would you describe your personal Style…?
Elegant, edgy and unique.

Talking of style who is your favourite designer or brand …?
I am a fan of Australian designers, but in particular Camilla and Marc.

And what does your beauty & fitness regime consist of …?
I exercise regularly through various sports such as netball and paddle boarding. I make sure that I drinking plenty of water and a get a good night’s sleep.

Where do you see the Miss Universe Journey taking you …?
The Miss Universe journey so far has provided me with wonderful friendships, life lessons and confidence in myself. Should I be fortunate enough to be chosen to represent my country, it would be a great honour and one which I would cherish. To represent Australia and show the world what we have to offer, travel and meet new people and hopefully make an impact on other peoples lives is where I see this journey taking me.

We all have a favourite saying or personal mantra what would you say is yours..?
I am the frequent user of ‘I know right’.

And what are the five things in your life you just can’t live without …?

My family



Good food



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