Miss Universe Australia – Finalist interview Courtney Read of WA

Miss Universe Australia - Finalist interview Courtney Read of WA

Congratulations on making it so far in the coveted Miss Universe Australia competition tell us a little about yourself …!
Who inspires you most ….?
My mum. Her strength and courage in being a single parent raising 3 children has really inspired me to always aim as high as I can in setting goals for myself, and to keep going even when it gets tough.

What do you do for a living ….?
I am currently an Occupational Therapy student so my studies are my main focus of productivity, however I also work part time in the head office of a WA based clothing company.

Speaking of Work Where is your favourite place to kick up your heals after a hard day of work …?
On the couch at home with lots of chocolate!

And what does your ideal day of rest and relaxation entail …?
Breakfast with my best friends. We have a routine now where we get together and cook up an amazing breakfast, it’s one of the best ways for us to all catch up amongst our busy lifestyles and chill out at the same time.

Including your favourite chill out music …?
Frank Ocean or Rufus are always favourites.

And how would you say your work if at all has prepared you for the Miss Universe Australia Competition…?
My university studies are my main focus of work at the moment; and I find that has helped me prepare for Miss Universe because it requires passion, organisation, and a commitment to helping other people; all of which will remain with me throughout the rest of my Miss Universe journey and beyond.

What is something people might find interesting about yourself..?
I recently traveled to Cape Town in South Africa where I went cage diving with great white sharks!

How would you describe your personal Style…?
Chic, feminine yet edgy, classic.

Talking of style who is your favourite designer or brand …?
I have been lucky enough to wear Alvin Fernandez’ designer label Ae’lkemi on a number of occasions and I think the designs are flawless! He is amazing and the designs speak for themselves.

And what does your beauty & fitness regime consist of …? (ie your best tips and tricks)
My fitness regime is a combination of boxing at the Hurt Locker, and walking my dog down the coast or around the park. I love the full body workout that boxing gives you, however if I can’t make it to a class one day I try to do at least some toning exercises at home. My newest beauty tip that I have learnt from the Miss Universe program that I use every day- when applying mascara on the outer eyelashes, brush them inwards instead up upwards!

Where do you see the Miss Universe Journey taking you …?
I think the opportunities are endless! This Miss Universe journey has already given me so many amazing opportunities and experiences, and I can only hope that will continue and expand as the journey progresses. You can never know what lies ahead of you, so I think you can only keep going and be open to every opportunity that comes your way.

We all have a favourite saying or personal mantra what would you say is yours..?
If you always stay true to yourself, you can always be happy with what you have achieved.

Miss Universe Australia - Finalist interview Courtney Read of WA

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