Miss Universe Australia – Finalist interview Georgia Gibbs of WA

Congratulations on making it so far in the coveted Miss Universe Australia competition tell us a little about yourself …!
Who inspires you most ….?
I find the most inspirational people are everyday people who do extraordinary things such as Fiona Stanley who has dedicated her life to helping others. She was the 2003 Australian of the year for her research into pediatrics, and I feel I share the same passion for helping others particularly youth.

What do you do for a living ….?
I have studied Occupational Therapy at Curtin University but deferred to have a year of personal growth and hopefully travelling. I also work at a small business called Elixir Café helping out as a waitress, as I really enjoy interacting with different people.

Speaking of Work Where is your favourite place to kick up your heals after a hard day of work …?
If I’m honest I love nothing more than putting my feet up at home with my family, eating a home cooked meal, and watching a movie with my dog!

And what does your ideal day of rest and relaxation entail …?
My ideal would be a day of massages and pampering but usually a walk along the coast, some lunch with friends, and a bubble bath is perfect!

And how would you say your work if at all has prepared you for the Miss Universe Australia Competition…?
From the age of thirteen I have been working with the general public in hospitality and retail. This has definitely given me confidence to interact with a variety of people and not be scared to approach someone I don’t know and happily start a conversation.

What is something people might find interesting about yourself..?
I aspire to work with young women and run workshops on body image and confidence, and I also deferred university to be cliché and follow my dreams!

How would you describe your personal Style…?
My personal style is really fun and feminine but also can be quite contemporary and chic.

Talking of style who is your favourite designer or brand …?
My favourite brand at the moment is Natalie Rolt Designs, an upcoming WA designer who’s collection Little Dove features bright neon’s, heavy beading and fun prints!

And what does your beauty & fitness regime consist of …? 
My beauty regime consists of at least 8 hours sleep, that’s my biggest tip.. SLEEP! Other than that I always go for natural products over harsh chemicals, homemade face masks are easy, cheap, and so good for you! As for exercise I usually box at The Hurt Locker twice a week as well as two strength and conditioning sessions and a mixture of long walks and Pilates.

Where do you see the Miss Universe Journey taking you …? 
I hope this amazing experience elevates me to a platform where I can spread the message of being confident in yourself, focusing more on embracing your natural beauty and living a life as healthy and enriched as possible!

We all have a favourite saying or personal mantra what would you say is yours..?
One of my favourite sayings would have to be, “If you have good thoughts they will shine out your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” – Roald Dahl.

And what are the five things in your life you just can’t live without …?
I can’t live without my dark chocolate fix, being surrounded by my family and pooch, being active, a good belly laugh, and new challenges.


Written by Clare Standfast

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