Miss Universe Australia – Finalist interview Kristy Coulcher of NSW

Miss Universe Australia - Finalist interview Kristy Coulcher of NSW

Congratulations on making it so far in the coveted Miss Universe Australia competition tell us a little about yourself …!
Thank you! I am a Sydney girl. I have lived and worked in New York, London, Milan, Auckland and Indonesia but love nothing more than coming back home to beautiful Sydney.
I have a keen interest in both local and global news and current affairs, as well as fashion, music, health and fitness and sport.

Who inspires you most ….?
Barbara Walters is definitely a big inspiration to me.  Barbara was the first female in broadcast news and paved the way for many women in an industry that has previously been predominantly male dominated.

What do you do for a living ….?
I am a Journalist, working for 7 News.

Speaking of Work Where is your favourite place to kick up your heels after a hard day of work …?
Pelicano in Double Bay is fabulous after a long day at work. Enjoying a meal on the terrace with friends and then ending the night on the dance floor.

And what does your ideal day of rest and relaxation entail …?
I love nothing better than taking off exploring. Whether it be the beaches and hinterland of Australia, big cities of the world, or even a remote tropical island. In summer I love a day at the beach and in winter movies and a blanket.

Including your favourite chill out music …?
I like to chill out to Jeff Buckley, Radiohead or Bon Iver.

And how would you say your work if at all has prepared you for the Miss Universe Australia Competition…?
As a Journalist/Reporter I have to be prepared at all times for a variety of situations, be objective, work as part of a team, be motivated and enthusiastic, have excellent communication skills and good general knowledge of current affairs.
Journalism also involves having the confidence to talk in front of a camera and engage your audience.

What is something people might find interesting about yourself..?
Sometimes I can be a bit of a perfectionist. Especially when it comes to wrapping presents. The paper always has to be perfectly aligned!

How would you describe your personal Style…?
My style is definitely more natural. I do love a good pair of boots that can go with everything from jeans to shorts and dresses. I often team designer pieces with basics but also love any excuse to dress glamorous and sophisticated

Talking of style who is your favourite designer or brand …?
I like support Aussie designers and brands that are girly with a little bit of grunge, such as Sass and Bide, Aje, or Maurie & Eve.

And what does your beauty & fitness regime consist of …? 
I use sunscreen every morning and finish each day by ensuring I remove any make up, always cleansing, toning and moisturizing before bed. I exercise at least 5 times a week with a mix of strength, cardio and physical culture. Last but not least a good nights sleep and plenty of water for hydration!

Where do you see the Miss Universe Journey taking you …?
I believe it is important to achieve your dreams and the Miss Universe Journey would give me the opportunity to work with the wonderful sponsors to promote Australia to a global audience. It is also a platform to voice my opinions, help others and become a positive role model for all young women.
We all have a favourite saying or personal mantra what would you say is yours..?
Dream, believe, achieve.

And what are the five things in your life you just can’t live without …?
I can’t live without the news, I read it every morning and night… But it’s the simple things in life that make me happiest – family and friends, a good nights sleep, sunshine and laughter.


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