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Miss Universe Australia Qld finalist - Kathryn Panic

Well, it’s that time of year when the search to find Miss Universe Australia is well underway with state finals kicking off across the country.
Starting off our home state interviews is Kathryn Panic one of the contestants who will be competing for a place in the national final held later this year in Melbourne at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 where the nations finalists will be competing for the title of Miss Universe Australia 2016.

Congratulations on making it so far in the coveted Miss Universe Australia competition tell us a little about yourself..?
Thank you! Wow haha, I’ve never been interviewed before! Well I enjoy a wide range of interests, along with modelling I also enjoy model coaching for New Faces Talent Academy; teaching is so much fun, and I feel as if I learn and grow just as much as my students! I love cooking, reading, going to the beach and playing around with makeup but then I feel as if I’ve got almost a whole other side to myself, as long as I can remember I have participated in archery and knife throwing competitions around Queensland and I love camping, boating, lighting campfires and roasting marshmallows – I make killer cheesy camp oven damper! All those outdoor-y sorts of activities have played a big part in my upbringing so with my family and fresh air I feel like I can do anything! I suppose I’ve always loved feeling capable and so many of the things I do feed that!

Who or what inspired you to get involved in the Miss Universe Australia pageant?
I was attending to support a friend of mine who mentioned you could enter at the event itself so I thought “why not! It sounds like fun!” I did not expect to get through; I was so nervous, and I can’t remember what I said in my introduction, but I do believe it involved the sentence “my Dad makes awesome spaghetti bolognese.”

Speaking of inspiration what inspires you most?
Music, it’s always music! I find I can completely change my mood with music, and it feeds my enthusiasm for the things I do. Am I making dinner? Cool, time for some Temper Trap, Plastic Bertrand, Weezer or Ariana Grande (I feel like we all have something by Ariana Grande on our iPods so no shame!) Time to hang out my laundry? Awesome! How about some All Time Low or Bon Jovi? Maybe even some Cake? Mowing the lawn? Perfect time to break out the Led Zepp and Beatles and make my Dad proud!

There is always room for music, and it never disappoints!

What is something that you hope to bring out of the Miss Universe Australia pageant?
Absolutely everything! The program that has been put together for us is amazing! Wow, we are so lucky! I just want to take advantage of this awesome opportunity and use it to improve my public speaking, get healthier, make some new friends, take some awesome selfies and maybe even experience more of the delicious buffets which always seem to be present at the Miss Universe Australia events!

The Miss Universe Pageant has a long history of associating with charity are there any social causes that are particularly close to your heart that you would like to use the platform of Miss Universe to advance?
Just being in the competition is helping, there are some really worthy charities we are fundraising for this year and I’ve never really had a platform which benefits charities, it’s something I haven’t had the opportunity to branch off into yet, and while I don’t have a great starting point I’m hoping to use Miss Universe Australia to build the foundation for more charity work! Some issues which I feel are important to support right now would definitely have to include things like abolishing animal cruelty, finding ways to support asylum seekers, educating children in third world countries and so many others!

The rivalry between states is sure to be heightened this year why do you think Queensland is the best state to take out Miss Universe Australia?
We’re all pretty awesome, but Queensland is bringing some great qualities to the table this year! The girls are smart, motivated, and I feel like we are ready to smash it!


What is something you find yourself always saying?
“Sorry I left my diary at home, can I message you later?” I am so terrible with organisation! I have this huge Kikki K planner which I write everything in but because it’s so big I never take it anywhere and as a result I always promise people that I’ll check and let them know!

How would your closest friend describe you?
She would probably mention something about my appetite, then go on to talk about the crazy stuff I say! She’s been my best friend for nearly ten years now so she’s heard it all! Including the time I got a cold and complained to her for a solid ten minutes about how dull a cold is and how I wished I could’ve said something like “yeah I’m not feeling so great, my leg is haunted” whenever people asked me how I was feeling!

What are your top three values that you live by?
Be happy. Smile so much that you make people think you’ll swallow your head and if nothing goes right, go left. I have pretty simple values, and I feel they translate into the goals I set for myself.

Something that makes you stand out from other contestants?
I’m quite different from the other contestants; I knew that the second I entered! But I’ve always lived my life knowing that what makes me different is what makes me memorable! I like to think I’ve got a certain je ne sais quoi which makes me interesting and someone you want to speak to, and I wanted to say something French in this interview so now I’m proud of myself and way off topic!

What does your current fitness regime look like in the lead up to the state finals ..?
Thanks to our amazing sponsor, Think 24 Hour Fitness, I’ve been working my tail off whenever I can make the hike to Newstead with boxing classes, yoga and PT sessions (oh my)! It’s tiring and my muscles are constantly mad at me but I feel so much stronger and fitter already!

Name five things you can’t live without?
Chocolate, my family, my diary, music and my phone (I know – typical 20 year old but in my defence it’s the only thing which keeps me sane when it’s been three weeks of work, photo shoots and runway’s while I haven’t seen my friends or my Mum since dinosaurs walked the earth)

What song would you say is your personal anthem or theme song and why?
It would have to be Bad Enough For You by All Time Low, Island In The Sun by Weezer or the Sarah McLachlan version of Blackbird. All for very different reasons but these songs are my absolute, all time favourites, and they always make me feel how I want to feel: happy, excited and energetic! They all strike a chord with me

I’m sorry if you know anything about me terrible jokes and awful puns make up a solid half of my being!

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