As I laugh along with Tegan, chatting away about things like birthdays, family and universities, I look down at the time, realising that fifteen minutes has gone past and we haven’t discussed a single thing relating to the interview. We talk like old friends, and I quickly realise that Tegan’s sweet, concerned demeanour immediately pushes past any clichéd, pageant queen stereotype. Tegan Martin automatically distinguishes herself as a salt of the earth, genuine, sincere young lady. She is Miss Universe Australia, 2014.
“You know, it sounds very clichéd, but my Mum is such an inspiration to me. She is just so strong and resilient. I’m also reading the book Everything To Live For: The Inspirational Story of Turia Pitt at the moment as well – Turia what an inspirational and powerful woman. It just goes to show that someone who has gone through so much can still achieve such amazing things. It’s such an interesting read. I read a lot…” Tegan says admiringly, a positive and confident tone in her voice.
Tegan Martin is a very busy lady – a typical day for her involves a number of media interviews and conferences, events, photo shoots, guest appearances and public speaking.
“I get to wear so many pretty clothes! Every girls dream. I’m so blessed to be the ambassador for Novo shoes now. They’re such beautiful shoes and now I have a killer collection! All my friends are so jealous. I’m really excited for the winter campaign to come.” she laughs.
Alongside this, Tegan is sponsored by Elucent Skincare as well as renowned make up brand, Face of Australia. When I ask Tegan about her makeup and beauty regime, favourite things and tips, her voices races, excited and animated.
“Oh wow… this is a tough one! There are so many wonderful things! Elucent Skincare is so amazing. I absolutely love their products. My favourite one at the moment is their whitening eye cream. It’s my secret weapon! Also, the mineral foundation from Face of Australia is beautiful. It’s not too heavy and it’s great coverage. I always love a good smoky eye as well! However, my main love will always lie with my fragrance, Chanel Mademoiselle. It’s definitely my signature – my friends always know it’s me coming! (laughs). Because I am a qualified hairdresser, I’m extremely vigilant about looking after my hair. I always use a heat protecting spray for curling and straightening my hair, and I love the Wella Hydrate Mask. We used to use Wella products in my old salon so I’m a bit biased!” she smiles.
When asked about fashion, Tegan notes her love for Australian designers.
“Rachel Gilbert, Sass & Bide, Alex Perry … these are my main fashion idols! In terms of sports gear, I absolutely love Lorna Jane. I have a lot of their clothes to wear now – I’m so grateful. They’re beautiful. I’ve always been a fan of bright colours! When I’m just relaxing, I have a pretty simplistic, casual look – I can never go past a nice pair of jeans and a blouse.”
Not only is she a beautiful lady, but a very smart lady as well. Tegan has been studying nutritional science, and has always had an interest in mental health. When asked about it, a tone of importance threads through Tegan’s voice.
“Mental health is something, I feel, that isn’t discussed or understood enough in the community. It’s so prominent but no one really knows, or notices, that it’s there. I’ve been given the opportunity to speak about this and it’s something that’s really close to my heart, and something that I would really love to influence for the better. It’s the same for nutritional science – it’s something that I’m passionate about, and being Miss Universe Australia, I have such an opportunistic platform to be able to speak about these things. My passion began for nutritional science when I moved away from conventional medicine and started looking at healthy lifestyle options. I would love to be able to influence children’s understanding on health and nutrition – not to be skinny, but to be healthy – ultimately, to live longer. I know that I’ve cut sugars, particularly processed sugars, out of my diet, and it’s made a world of difference. I really want to be able to promote and encourage healthy lifestyles for people.”
Tegan Martin is a beautiful, vibrant, down to earth young lady, radiating a sense of comfort and ease that is obtained only from being content in your own skin. Her future as Miss Universe Australia is bright, with her interests and passions one of many flagships amongst the limitless opportunities ahead of her.
Tegan’s demeanour and intelligence will only bring her higher and, Australia’s unparalleled representative for Miss Universe.

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