The Nations Leading Designers on The Runway at VAMFF

Well it is that time of the year with VAMFF being the talk of the fashion industry, last night our team attended the Premium Runway showcase with fashions by Camilla, Rachel Gilbert, Megan Park, By Johnny, Aurelio Costarella, and Akira

A Warm Melbourne evening full of fashion, bubbles and selfies, greeted the guests with the first few shows of the festival already underway, it has given us an insight that monochrome is signifying its dominance this season. The PR3 show decided to counter that trend with our well known truly colourful designers Camilla and Akira. Who brought their trademark flair to the runway with amazing patterns and colours that are sure to be a hit for shoppers this season.

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Spend your Sunday poolside sipping Veuve Clicquot at W Brisbane