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A Chat with DJ and Producer Andy Murphy

Starting out with the W’s
Who is Andy Murphy ….?
I’m a Music Producer / DJ who loves mixing both music and fashion with a fun party streak.
What made you get into music….?
I have always had a love for electronic music and when all of my friends were obsessed with bands, I loved Daft Punk. My parents eventually gave in to my requests and I was given a set of turntables for my 18th birthday. After DJing for many years, the natural progression was to produce my own music.
When would you say you are happiest …?
For me nothing beats that moment when I drop a new track that I have been working on in the studio and it gets a great reaction from the crowd. That’s when it all pays off and you won’t be able to wipe the smile off my face.
Where in the world would you rather be..?
That’s a hard one… there are so many places I would love to go that I haven’t been to yet. I plan to go to Europe in the middle of the year but my favourite place I’ve been to so far would have to be New York. I would rather be there right now. It’s such an amazing city.
With so many great musicians coming out of the woodwork who would you like to work with next …?
We are so lucky to have such a growing talent base in Australia with so many emerging artists, and collaborations are such a great way to learn and grow your fan base. Internationally I have always been a massive fan of Boys Noize and would love an opportunity to work with him. On the vocal side of things I would love to work with Kid Cudi. Electronic Dance music is blowing up in the US at the moment and collaborations are a great way to break through. I’m also really excited to have recently finished a collaboration as Jam Xpress with Static Revenger.
After a massive 2012 (congratulations on the nuptials mate) what other than your wedding would you say was a highlight..?
I had such a great year last year. I feel like I broke new ground in the studio, and the release of Everybody Get Up with Seany B went to number one on the Aria Club Chart. I had an amazing time touring as Jam Xpress and playing at some of the country’s biggest festivals. Stay tuned for a new release and a new tour coming soon.
Delving into music what would you say is your choice for the top tunes of Summer…?
My favourite track of the summer would have to be Benediction by Hot Natured. It’s just such a summer anthem, perfect for chilling at the beach. On the Australian front I would have to say Peking Duck – “The Way You Are” or, by way of a little shameless self promotion, my upcoming Jam Xpress Vs Static Revenger feat. Livingstone – “All I Need”.
with buzz words big how would you describe the year in music in one word …?
Music has seemed to get tougher and tougher over the past year but I think it’s starting to turn around a little, with solid vocals and melodies on the rise.
What are the 5 must haves of creating good music …?
Creativity – It’s important to push the boundaries, creating new sounds and ideas.
Practice – You don’t need to get it right the first time, it’s more important to learn and improve.
Patience – So many studio hours go into making music. It can take a long time to get the sound right.
Melody – Some electronic music has really taken the melody out of music. I believe good music that will stand the test of time must have a good melody.
Studio Space – In this digital age, you don’t need a high tech studio – you can now produce on your laptop or even your phone – however a great workspace helps to get the ideas flowing. I love my studio space and can spend many hours in there. I have collected many vintage synths that I use for sounds as well as inspiration. It’s a really creative space.
So last year you were named one of the Friends of the festival for Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival how was the experience …?
It was such an amazing experience. Fashion and music really do go hand-in-hand. I was so privileged to be a part of the festival. I loved everything from the photo shoots, filming the TVC, performing on the opening night and attending the parades. It helped bolster my love of fashion and was one of the drivers behind my new project in the works called Lights Fashion Music, which is about the intrinsic relationship between fashion and music.
What would you say are the items every bloke should have in his wardrobe for this year …?
Every bloke needs a good jacket. For me it’s the centerpiece of every outfit. I love my one-off Ksubi denim jacket with rock star detailing, and dressing up with a good quality dinner jacket, like my Calibre Smoking jacket.
Jewellery is also a great way to add interest to an outfit. A simple necklace can change or add detail to a look, enabling you to add individual style to an outfit. I also think a good quality watch can add a touch of class.
Anything you would like share, websites , links , anything and everything , charity sites ?
Stay tuned for my upcoming Jam Xpress single, a collaboration with Static Revenger & Livingstone called “All I Need”… And keep an eye out for my new business venture: lightsfashionmusic.com

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Owen George

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