Interview with Jennifer Hawkins

Interview with Jennifer Hawkins

So earlier this month I had a chat with the lovely Jennifer Hawkins as apart of our Annual Swimwear feature and discussed some of the creative sides of her own brand Cozi, and some of the finer points of this great summer season.

Below are some of the subjects we touched on

Cozi is the perfect reflection of this amazing summer ! What would you say is your process for coming up with these amazing designs …?

I’m actually in the process of starting next season. I get a real buzz out of the whole process- designing swimwear is lots of fun. I do have a little routine now, I start with fabric selection, I like to have it in my hands, see what it feels like and go from there. The range is alway fresh, fashionable with a touch of sexiness. I’m so grateful women and girls are loving Cozi.

Inspiration plays a massive part of any creative process! What would you say is your bullet point version of your design inspiration.?

Fabric, photographs, magazines, art work… Life in general.

As a part of our GCMAG’s Summer Look Book we are hunting for the must haves in swimwear this season , have you got any tips …?

A floral bikini or full piece, a touch of leopard print and black basic
Sounds like a good mix to me haha !

As this season tends ro remind us all of how lucky we are living in this great country with a culture of fun in the sun , and as we notice this is a big theme in Cozi … what would your ideal summers day consist of …?

Breakfast by the beach, then i’d chill under an umbrella for the day: read a book, have a nanna nap, dive in the ocean. Then freshen up for a cocktail with a group of friends.

And the Clich”e question of the day ! What are your tips to keeping a great bikini body over summer and the all important silly season .. wave off all temptation …?

Wave off all temptations? What’s the fun in that? – haha. I definitely let loose around Christmas. (Silly season) I have time off- so I just chill with my friends and family and really just live life. I do have a few vices but i also exercise everyday and eat pretty healthy so I don’t feel bad at all.

Well it was lovely having a quick chat and we look forward to seing Cozi’s new designs soon!

Be sure to keep an eye out for Jen’s swimwear brand “Cozi” available exscluisvely to Myer stores

Well guys thats about it a few tips for summer as apart of our good summer guide

This interview was featured in our December 2012 issue on cover

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