‘OH MY’ Illy stops in for a chat !

Over 4400 kilometres, in 16 days, playing 11 shows, Illy’s Two Degrees Regional Tour is wrapping up with one hell of a bang!

In the midst of the tour mayhem, Illy – took some time to chat with us about the ups of life on the road.

Illy is taking regional Australia by storm, bringing his hits off the beaten track.

Following on from sold out shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane on his capital city tour, Illy is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

“It’s pretty gruelling, but touring is my favourite part of making music,” said Illy.

Set to do thirty-three shows across four months, Illy describes how the concept of a regional tour for his ARIA #1 Album Two Degrees came directly from the fans.

“I’ve done the capital city and festival thing, and there was such a demand for regional shows,” Illy described.

“Fans have been hitting me up since Paper Cuts saying ‘when are you coming to our town’. So yeah, I made it happen.”

After sell-out shows in Australia’s biggest cities, Illy believes that what the regional shows lack in size, they make up for in passion.

“Crowds really appreciate you being there. There are some differences between shows in capital cities and regional towns, but the plus side is too great, those fans give you everything they’ve got,” said Illy.

“Plus I love getting to see these parts of the country. I like travelling, being on the road and getting to see things I otherwise wouldn’t get to see.”

With hits like Paper Cuts with Vera Blue, Tightrope with Scarlett Stevens, Catch 22 with Anne Marie and Oh My with Jenna McDougall; it’s safe to say that Illy has created music with the best of the best.

“I reach out to all of the artists I collab with, going back to the start of my first album,” said Illy.

“I’d write these hooks and send over these demos of my crap singing, and these artists would hear it and make it amazing – it was always a trip getting the track back.”

While none of these female powerhouses currently plan on being featured during any regional shows on the tour.

“I wish [they were coming on tour], but I don’t think so. Our Gold Coast show is the biggest show of the whole tour, so if they were to appear at any

show that one would be it,” said Illy.

However, at the GC Show Illy was joined on stage with Peking Duk for one hell of a birthday celebration.

Illy’s Two Degrees Regional Tour is one of the most extensive tours of Australia music fans have seen – and he’s doing it all while running his own music label ONETWO.

Now representing himself, ALLDAY and up and coming artists Kuren and Citizen Kay – ONETWO is growing in power every day.

Starting his career with an independent label himself, Illy describes how he has always been interested in the industry side of music as well as the creative.

“I wanted to be able to pay forward the support that I had. It’s my way of supporting the future,” said Illy.

“I get to work with the most up and coming artists and help give them a platform to get music out there. ONETWO is hopefully something that I’ll be able to focus on and keep building in the future.”

Sharing, tweeting and supporting the ONE TWO artists is still a priority for Illy while on the road. Along with preparing for new music to be released by 2018 potentially.

“I’d love to have a song out before the end of the year,” said Illy.

“I have a handful of demos that I think have a lot of potentials, but there is so much focus on getting the shows right at the moment – but there will definitely be new music soon!”

With new music in development, ONETWO gaining momentum and almost sold out regional tour – Illy’s substantial career and ever-growing catalogue of mega-hits is leaving fans saying ‘Oh My’.

So now it’s time get your hands on tickets and go out and Give Illy your all with shows in your neighbourhood coming up Illyal.com

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