Olivia Wells Talks Fashion and Beauty


It is safe to say that 2013 didn’t turn out anything like Olivia Wells had planned. Beginning the year as a medicine student at Monash University, she applied to the Miss Universe Australia pageant on a whim and soon found herself on stage in Moscow competing against some of the world’s most beautiful women.
After the whirlwind adventure Olivia sat down with us to discuss her fashion and beauty tips for winter and what the adventures 2014 has in the making for the 19 year-old.
“In winter I like to add that pop of colour in my shoes. Novo Shoes has a great colourful pump called Iago. They are great because they add colour in winter they will also going to pair well with a white dress in summer.”
Hailing from Melbourne, Olivia not only knows about dressing for the winter months, but also maintaining a healthy glow year-round.
“The sun is harmful to your skin not only health wise, but you’ll end up looking like a leather bag. Rather than lay out in the sun I prefer good old fake-tan. I use Mediterranean Tan which is fully organic, violet based and is not tested on animals.”
“I would definitely say the DMK transdermal sunscreen is my favourite product. Because, it penetrates the deeper layers of your skin so you don’t get that Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost-look.”
Unlike her Ms Universe Australia predecessors Olivia has no intention of giving up her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. There is an innate health-consciousness ingrained into everything she does. Instead she hopes that her newfound fame from the Miss Universe will allow her to engage in medical based charity work.
“Last week I was announced as the ambassador of the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. It is the perfect fit for me as a medical student but also for using the platform I have from the Miss Universe as a way to benefit something as wonderful as the Royal Children’s Hospital.”