On Wednesday’s Drink Pink for a good cause at Vapiano


Sometimes you just need a mid-week tipple and why not enjoy it knowing that it’s supporting a great cause. The people at Vapiano Australia have launched a Drink Pink Wednesday in all of their seven restaurants across the nation, teaming up with charity Share The Dignity.

Raising much-needed funds for Australian women affected by homelessness, poverty and domestic violence, and just in the last six months Vapiano, with the help of their amazing customers have raised and donated $36,580 to Share The Dignity.

With the money going to fund three #pinkbox dignity vending machines which dispense free period packs, meaning that the amount raised over six months will supply a staggering 14,682-period packs to disadvantaged women!

So given the success of the campaign so far, Vapiano want to ramp it up again and try and double the amount over the next six months, so why not head down after 5 pm on Wednesdays, grab a pink gin sprits with some carbs.

If you would like to find your closest Vapiano and more info click here or if you would like more information on Share the Diginity click here

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