One Day Stops in for A Chat


What do you get when you mix the Aussie hip hop giants Horror show, Spit Syndicate, Jackie Onassis and Joyride? You get One Day, a group that has been described as the most exciting hip hop collective in the country. What started out as a group of high school mates from the Inner West of Sydney has now not only recently announced their debut album but a national tour to follow. The project, which was revealed just over a month ago, has had fans buzzing after the release of their contagious first single Love Me Less.
The highly anticipated album, Mainline dropped on the 1st of August and was inspired by the happenings of inner west Sydney.
“It’s where we grew up. The title Mainline is in reference to the train line that runs through the inner west and connects us all up. The house parties and the goings on of the area have inspired most of it.”
Despite the separate paths that all the groups have taken throughout their individual careers, they have always had a part in sharing each other’s musical journey which has consisted of album releases, sold out tours, hottest 100 titles, collaborations and radio releases to name a few. The album has been carefully crafted to not only reflect their individual sounds and successes but to create something new and fresh for their fans.
“We have all had chances to shine in regards to our individual sounds.”
“Every beat on the album has been workshopped by us and made together from the ground up. The rappers have been able to show their individual flare. A bunch of it was written together so there is still cohesiveness.”
The friendship which dates back to their teenage years all began with freestyling in the canteen line, getting into mischief, many trips to the deputy principal’s office and growing together as not only musicians but as mates. When it came to deciding on their banner to stand under, One Day was representative of the dreams and vision they aspired to reach in their future.
“One Day has been tossed around for a while and it grew naturally. It just felt like the 7 of us doing something we had planned for a while.”
“The songs started coming together halfway through last year. It wasn’t until our trip to Byron around November when we really got serious about it and started recording. We kept it a secret for quite a while.”
“A lot of it has felt like a bit of a holiday.”
The group have been on the road together before, but never like this. With ticket sales booming, the national tour takes off in September and will not only feature individual sets from all the artists but join the stage together to launch Mainline as One Day.
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