The One & Only Lorna Jane

The Only & Only Lorna Jane

If you’re an Australian, chances are you’ve heard of Lorna Jane. Dominating the activewear industry for the past 28 years, the company now has 200 stores across Australia and the US, along with stockists in Europe, the UK, Africa and the Middle East.

The woman behind the brand is Lorna Jane Clarkson and you could say she’s single handily changed the way women dress forever. Brunch spots will never be the same, goodbye little dresses, hello exercise wear THAT IS COMFORTABLE. Long gone are the days where women squeezed into denim shorts to run errands, thanks to Lorna, women are doing all types of things in the comfort of their activewear and this is no coincidence.

Lorna is one of those women you look at in admiration and think ‘I don’t know how she does it’ but luckily enough she’s written a book about just that.

Her book ‘LOVE YOU’ features words of encouragement, life mantras and much more which Lorna thinks is vital for a happy life.

“I wrote LOVE YOU to encourage and guide women to create an amazing life for themselves,” she said.

“I wanted to inspire and motivate them to invest in themselves, back themselves, improve themselves and ultimately love themselves inside and out”.

Lorna says she’s had an interest in motivating others for as long as she can remember.

“Looking back, I think I’ve always been the sort of girl that people come to for advice and encouragement– so I guess you could say I have always been like this. I don’t know where it came from or why I feel this way but I have always wanted to inspire and motivate people to be fit and healthy,” she said.

“I guess I know how good it feels to be living a life that you love and I want everyone else to feel this good too! I think my voice has gotten stronger over the years as my confidence has increased and my message has changed slightly as I continue to experience and learn new things in my own life as well.”

LOVE YOU is like a breath of fresh air and leaves you feeling motivated, Lorna shares a lot of advice deriving from both prominent women and her own experiences.

Here are five things Lorna thinks everyone should learn from the book:

1) Fall in love with yourself – I believe that everyone deserves to live a life that they love and that life can only begin when you start to love yourself and truly accept yourself for who you are. To bring out the best in yourself you must first learn to love yourself.

“Remember to love and believe in yourself because everything good in life starts with how you think and feel about yourself,” Lorna said.

2) Stop Comparing – Stop comparing yourself and your life to other people – because if you spend all your time watching and wanting to be someone else than when will you ever find the time to work on yourself and living your own life!

We asked, “how can people get to know their authentic self”?
?Lorna answered: “Being authentic starts with not worrying so much about what everyone else thinks of you. It’s about finding the courage to be yourself and live your life around your own genuine values and beliefs. To do this you need to actually spend the time thinking about what you believe in, what you are passionate about and who you want to spend time with. Get to know who you are first and then decide to unapologetically be that person no matter where you are or who you are with.”

3) Take Care of Yourself – it goes without saying that you cannot live and amazing life without good health. And good health starts with taking care of yourself – what you eat, how often you work out and how you think and feel about yourself.

The One & Only Lorna Jane
Love You is without a doubt, her most intimate and compelling work yet. Delve into the ‘real life’ of the woman behind the brand, Lorna Jane, and experience your very own journey of self-love, self-discovery and self-belief.

Lorna’s secret to a healthy life:

The easiest and most efficient practice that I do every day to be fit and healthy is set an intention (or promise to myself) every morning to Move Nourish and Believe. I decide how I am going to move my body that day, I make a promise to myself to eat healthy food and I set a positive believe mantra (today it was to be grateful for all the amazing people in my life) so that I have uplifting and positive energy all day long. I do this every day and each day it will be a little different depending on what I have planned. But what it does do is that it makes me put my health and fitness first and ensures that I take care of myself both physically and mentally every single day.

4) Surround yourself with good people –  one of the most important decision we can make in our lives is who we choose to spend our time with so choose people who are going to make you a better you.

Lorna’s advice when choosing friends:

Surrounding yourself with incredible people is important. And whether you are at work or simply enjoying life, who you choose to spend your time with has a huge impact on your energy, your emotions, your productivity and your success. My advice would be to choose carefully because these people play an important role in inspiring you, supporting you and giving you stability.

5) Decide to be happy – Life is too short not to be happy. I look for the positive in every situation no matter how grim things may look.

Lorna’s top tips for living a happy life:

I think that happiness is something that you need to nurture from the inside. It starts with prioritizing YOU because you are the only one that can make YOU happy! I believe our happiness depends mostly on ourselves, on our decision-making and our ability to choose positive over negative. I know that sometimes it’s hard to be happy. We all have bad days, weeks and even years. We go through rough patches, losses, break-ups, LIFE! But even through the most difficult of times, I believe that if we can search for the silver lining, find something to be grateful for and take a positive outlook – we will all find happiness.

Oh and a Bonus Tip  Why is being fearless so important?

If you look at any great brand, inspiring business or successful career you will find that there has always been an element of fearlessness or risk-taking involved in their success. A time or many times when someone has had to step outside of their comfort zone, go into unchartered territory and try something a little scary for the first time. Being fearless is important because trying new things and facing things that scare us is what pushes us forward in life and allows us to make the most of new experiences and opportunities that come our way.

I make fearless decisions every day at Lorna Jane because I have learnt to fear my comfort zone more than trying new things that may be a little scary.  My advice to anyone that is  letting fear get in the way of opportunity is to:

1.  Recognize that fear is just a story you are creating in your head of what could possibly happen if you move forward.

2.  Ask yourself what you are ‘really’ worried about and start to get a little perspective

3.  Write down the worst possible outcome if you move forward and come up with an action plan to overcome it

4.  Create an irresistible and compelling reason to face your fear

5.  Take a deep breath and go for it – you will, more often than not be surprised to find that it wasn’t that bad after all.

If you’re looking to  put your best self forward and want to hear more from Lorna grab her book …. click here for info

Published In Issue 44 of GCMAG - Feb 2018
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