Packing Tips For Solo Female Travellers

Packing Tips For Solo Female Travellers

Getting ready to set off on your adventures is an exhilarating yet daunting experience, particularly as a solo female traveller. While travel is certainly much safer today than it has ever been, it isn’t without its risks. As such, it’s important to take every precaution when you are preparing – this means doing plenty of research, but also packing for every eventuality. 

In this article we’re going to take you through some packing tips for solo female travellers. Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • A large suitcase on wheels 
  • A decent sized carry-on hand luggage bag 

Ideally you want to travel light whilst ensuring that you have plenty of space for all of the essentials. It may be tempting to take a large camping rucksack instead of a suitcase but be mindful of how heavy your luggage will be with all of your essentials packed and what a nightmare it can be lugging it around the airport and from one destination to the next. Our advice would be to get a large suitcase on wheels and then have a smaller camper-style rucksack for your hand luggage and day trips. 

Do not leave without the following items:

  • Passport (and a photocopy / photo)
  • Visas
  • Flight tickets & booking confirmations
  • Travel insurance docs
  • Your driver’s licence
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Local currency (it’s better to have some prepared in advance)

Other important bits to take: 

  • Your mobile phone (get it unlocked prior to travel so you can use foreign sims)
  • Electrical equipment / laptop etc.
  • Plug adaptors
  • An extra memory card for your camera
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • Fully stocked first-aid kit
  • Mosquito spray
  • Contraception / condoms
  • Anti-bacterial gel
  • Kindle (lugging around books is a nightmare. Sure, a Kindle isn’t quite the same as reading a book but you can carry hundreds of books with you without the unnecessary weight).

Items that may be difficult to find abroad: 

  • Tampons (pack plenty if you don’t like using sanitary towels as you may find it difficult to find tampons in certain countries)

What not to pack: 

  • Extra towels and toiletries (take a bath towel by all means but every hotel will provide you with the essentials)
  • Your entire wardrobe (think carefully about where you are going and pack accordingly – you don’t need to bring everything. That and you can save some space to buy new clothing)
  • Jewellery and valuables (if they aren’t essential leave them safe at home)
  • Money belt (as well-intentioned as they are, money belts attract unwanted attention – keep your money safe in your wallet or purse and divide it just in case) 
  • Hairdryer (most hotels will have one – save the space) 
  • Expensive camera and equipment (unless you are a photographer or will be shooting a high-end travel blog, stick with the camera on your phone. The more expensive equipment you need to lug around the more on edge you’ll feel – free yourself of the burden)
  • Expensive sunglasses (you’ll be able to buy knock-off sunglasses practically everywhere you go so save your expensive pairs)
  • Sex toys (unless you can’t live without them we recommend leaving the vibrators at home for this trip as certain countries may confiscate them in the airport which can be terribly embarrassing) 

All in all, it’s important to bring the essentials and try not to get carried away. Research each of your planned destinations and consider items that may be hard to find. You also need to think about how much you may accumulate on your travels. If you want to bring gifts and clothes home, then you should have plenty of space in your suitcase. Just because you can fill it before you leave it doesn’t mean you should

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