Perfect brows made easy

Perfect brows made easy

PONi Cosmetics shares their simple brow secrets with you, so you can achieve brow perfection simply and at home.

Use Brow Magic

Use Brow magic to draw a sharp line on the underline of your brow, this line should always be straight. This will help define your brow. 1

Start to build the top

PastedGraphic-2 Start to build the top of the brow using brow magic

Fill the Brow

Fill the brow with PONi brow powder. Always starting application of powder from 1/4 of the way into your brows, fill through to the tail first and then through to the start of the brow, it gets what is left on the brush. Avoid putting a brush full of powder right at the start of your brows. Remember to ?brush the colour through with your spoolie brush so it looks light, fluffy and natural. 3

Tip if you need to re-grow your brows try using The PONi Lash & Brow growth serum.


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