QTFWA – Designers corner with Jock Fairweather

QTFWA - Designers corner with Jock Fairweather

Today we chat with Jock Fairweather of Jock Fairweather Shoes in our Designers Corner section giving you an insight into the workings of the Label.

When and what led you to the realisation you wanted to start designing …?
As you may have seen on my Instagram/ Facebook page, I posted the earliest drawing I could find of shoes – which was when I was six! I have always had a passion for shoes, my original designs were actually of Nike running shoes – but soon after my mothers wardrobe had me fascinated. The step from men’s shoes into women’s was more influenced by the limitless creativity there is for women’s shoe design – rather than influence from a person… although If I had to choose, it would definitely by my mum

What was the first item you designed…? It was a nike running shoe! The first women’s shoe was a licorice allsorts inspired shoe J

What is your favourite part of the design process..? It has to be the imagination. I might be watching a movie for example and decide that I really want to do something based on Japan. I then draw a character that would represent my inspiration for the collection and I imagine what there would be in Japan – without having any direct external influences. It is only after this stage that I actually use real objects of inspiration to make my imaginations more realistic and relative to the original inspiration.

Inspiration is a big part of any process where do you draw yours from …? It honestly varies enormously. Generally it is from Nature – because I believe it is the most original form of design, I usually then stem into a culture from there. At London College of Fashion – we were always taught methods of design and research and told not to just imagine a shoe and use that. But to be honest, the best way is to use the imaginative shoes and then to make them more commercial because of the availability of materials.

When sketching out your latest designs do you have anything that helps you get creative a favourite music, food or process …? I sit up in the pavilion in my house in Brisbane. It over looks a valley and the pool and feels like your in a rainforest. I always have a coffee and I either sit in silence or listen to Buble!

How would you describe your brands market and style …? Playful and sophisticated for a  more mature market.

What does Australia fashion mean to you and what would you say makes it uniquely Australian …? What makes it uniquely Australia is the weather. The weather is what truly controls Australian fashion, otherwise we could have a fashion capital for sure. Australian fashion means unique and comfortable.

Where can our readers get their hand on your label …?  Currently you can order privately through my email and this season in stores in Sydney and Brisbane


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