Rai of Thirsty Merc talks ten years and QLD Shows

After coming up for air, Australian rockers Thirsty Merc says thanks to fans for ten years of support and what better way than with a tour of their new Acoustic Anniversary Album, Rai Thistlethwayte tells GCMAG readers.

“Our shows are almost like a really big camp fire singing session. It’s allowing the emotion of the lyric and the melody to come through more. It’s a lot more of an organic sound and we sort of swap everything around a bunch. Phil, Matt and I will be on a mix of Double Bass, acoustic guitar, tambourine and grand piano kind of sounds. We’ve built this tour around the album, so the messaging is on point to what people are expecting in the album and what they are seeing on stage. There’s been a sort of two way street going on with the audience, which is really heart-warming.”

“It was going to be just a recording in Melbourne with our producer friend Lindsay Gravina, and it came out better than we thought. So we decided it would make a great tour as we had never actually done an acoustic tour before. We thought it might be a nice way to offer a new sound with some familiar material and because of the timing we thought we could call it a bit of an anniversary thing.”

The band doesn’t feel like it’s over, we feel it’s a way for us to take stock of what’s going on. We’ve all grown as people and as a team from the comradery we share. There have been a lot of troughs and crests that we’ve had to ride, but I’m proud to say we’re still there, we still feel like we’re enthused and love the audiences that we’ve been lucky enough to have. We love each other enough to not want to throw in the towel, so over the next couple of months we are spending a lot of time together and I think when you get creative people in close proximity things come out of it, so I’m excited to see what they are.”

The band will be bringing the Acoustic Anniversary Album show to the Coolangatta Hotel on 30 October and Mick O’Malleys Irish Pub Brisbane City 31 October.

Thursday 30th October- Coolangatta Hotel, Coolangatta QLD
Ticket Info: www.oztix.com.au

Friday 31st October- Mick O’Malleys, Brisbane QLD
Ticket Info: www.oztix.com.au

Saturday 1st November- The Woombye Pub, Woombye QLD
Ticket Info: available at the venue or Myguestlist.com.au

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