Some Serious drive-thru eats at Oracle Boulevard

Some Serious drive through eats at Oracle Boulevard

Well, it’s now been a while since we retreated indoors for some self-isolation, we’ve watched all we can on Netflix, tried our hand at “cooking” many new recipes only to return to the trusty Bolognese which is fast wearing out it’s welcome. 

If you’re noticing like us that as each day passes you spend more and more time staring into the abyss that is your refrigerator or pantry, wondering what creation you will put together next don’t worry we’ve got your back.

Avoid any Kitchen Nightmares and go and grab some of the best Drive Thru eats you can imagine, thanks to the team at Oracle Boulevard. 

Who have readied the kitchens at Mamasan, No Name Lane, Social Eating House, Orzo, The Cuban Bar & Lounge, Mecca Bah, Broadbeach Pizzeria, The Lamb Shop and Guzman Y Gomez who are all now offering a Drive-Thru! 

You don’t have to go to the trouble of finding a park or getting out of your car… simply view the menus of your favourite restaurant or cafe here, dial the restaurant to place your order and arrange payment, then pick up your order at the nominated time from the designated Dial + Drive-Thru point in the middle of Oracle Boulevard.

Some Serious drive-thru eats at Oracle Boulevard
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